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May 3 2018
All states including Ohio have some type of unclaimed property law that declares money, property or other assets to be abandoned after a period of inactivity. Abandoned or unclaimed property, although not considered a tax, has become a significant source of revenue for many states. Additionally in this information age, states have become much more ... [continue reading]
Apr 6 2018
Today, many patients investigate your office prior to an initial appointment using Internet ratings sites such as Yelp, Healthgrades, Bestdentists, Angie's List, and RateaDentist. A majority of consumers report to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, meaning a single negative review can harm your practice by turning away ... [continue reading]
Mar 2 2018
Today's dental marketplace is increasingly competitive, driving dentists to seek out new ways to market their practices and attract new patients. However, there are several legal and regulatory restrictions on dental marketing that dentists must consider before engaging in a new advertising campaign. State regulations and the profession’s ... [continue reading]
Dec 7 2017
Dentists are well respected professionals and are trusted members of any community. As such, state law and the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct (Code) place obligations upon dentists to report abuse and neglect at certain times. It is important for dentists to be familiar with the legal and ethical requirements surrounding ... [continue reading]
Nov 10 2017
Since the advent of federal privacy regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), dental offices have focused their attention on the security and safeguarding of the health information they gather on patients in the course of treatment. Concerns about patient privacy have forced offices to exercise caution on ... [continue reading]
Oct 10 2017
The hiring of a new employee, especially one with clinical responsibilities, is an important decision for a dental office. In addition to reviewing an applicant’s employment history and educational background, sometimes employer dentists want to review the candidate’s clinical skills and observe how they will interact with other ... [continue reading]
Aug 23 2017
Patient records are an excellent treatment tool, can play an important role in the defense of a malpractice claim and can be a valuable asset when the time comes to sell a practice. There are, however, several key things dentists should remember about their patient records. Access and confidentiality Ohio law defines a medical record as ... [continue reading]
Jul 31 2017
A well-defined office manual can be of great benefit to a dental practice. Employment issues are some of the most difficult matters to confront as a small-business owner. Oftentimes, the best way for employer dentists to avoid the common problems that arise with employees is to establish an office employee manual. Establishing an employee manual ... [continue reading]
Jun 8 2017
A growing trend in dentistry the last 20 years is the increasing prevalence of associateship arrangements in dental practices. With Baby Boomers reaching retirement age and new dentists strapped with record levels of student-loan debt, this trend is likely to continue. Surveys indicate that a majority of new dentists entering private practice will ... [continue reading]
May 3 2017
In 2010, the Ohio General Assembly, with the backing of the Ohio Dental Association, created the Oral Health Access Supervision Program (OHASP). OHASP allows dentists to utilize dental hygienists in designated underserved locations outside of the traditional office setting under a relaxed level of supervision. Dentists and hygienists can utilize ... [continue reading]
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