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Jul 13 2020
Last month we looked into patient documentation and record retention. This month to finish the two-part series we will look at the documentation of the office and employees. As is always the case, documentation in the dental office is of the utmost importance. As the saying goes in dental offices, if it is not documented it did not happen. That is ... [continue reading]
Jun 17 2020
In the last three months we have encountered unprecedented times. During this time, practices worked very restricted hours and now things are beginning to open up. One thing has remained constant. Documentation is key to ensuring that your practice is running as effectively as possible. Prior to COVID-19, if we can think back to those times, ... [continue reading]
May 19 2020
Over the last few months I have spoken with many of you over the phone or through email. The one constant in all of those conversations is that change is inevitable. It seems like in the first few weeks of the coronavirus pandemic information could go stale between morning and afternoon phone calls. It seems that every time we get information to ... [continue reading]
Feb 14 2020
Over the past few months I have been surprised by a few phone calls centered on patients or patient's representatives filming in the dental office. The conversations have revolved around whether or not the patient has a “right” to film in the office. I wanted to take the time this month to address this because the subject is something ... [continue reading]
Jan 16 2020
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) classifies dental offices as places of public accommodation. Accordingly, offices must make "reasonable modifications" to their practices, policies and procedures in order to accommodate disabled patients. This act covers all types of disabilities, but in this article I want to discuss one of the most ... [continue reading]
Nov 21 2019
Over the past few years it has become more common to see an animal in a dental office or in public places. In that time I have been asked questions about the rights of animal owners to have their companion in the office. This trend has increased to include phone calls from dental offices asking if they are allowed to have an office animal. The ... [continue reading]
Oct 17 2019
A well-defined office manual can be of great benefit to a dental practice. Employment issues are some of the most difficult matters to confront as a small-business owner. Oftentimes, the best way for employer dentists to avoid the common problems that arise with employees is to establish an office employee manual. Establishing an employee manual ... [continue reading]
Sep 5 2019
Over the past year I have been asked numerous questions about in-office dental plans.  My answer has always been that in-office dental plans are not illegal or improper, but dentists must be careful to not call the plan insurance.  Identifying an in-office membership plan as “insurance” carries with it a very large penalty, ... [continue reading]
Aug 14 2019
The long awaited end to this three-part series comes to you this month as we dive in to look at the role of an expanded function dental auxiliary (EFDA) in the office. Over the past decade we have seen each member of the dental team flourish in their role because of what the dental practice act allows each of them to do. This team approach to ... [continue reading]
Jul 8 2019
I feel like I have lied to you because I stated in my last column that this would only be a two-part series. I know, you were excited that you would only have to read two articles jam packed with statutes and rules. However, we are going to make this a three-part series because the last two members of the dental team have more tasks to cover. So ... [continue reading]
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