ODA Services

Endorsed Products, Services & Discounts for Our Member Dentists

The ODA provides members with exclusive access to a variety of products and services through the ODA Services Corp. As an additional benefit, many of our endorsed products entitle ODA members to premium discounts. If you are not an ODA member, join the ODA today to access special values.

The ODA Services Corp.

The ODA Services Corp. is a division of the ODA that provides members with access to reduced rates and assistance on supplies, products, and services. Most importantly, ODA Services Corp. representatives are experienced and salary-based so that you know their only interests are your interests.

ODA Services Corp. and its endorsed programs are a benefit of your ODA membership and are exclusive to ODA members.

How does ODA Services Corp. help my practice?

ODA Services Corp. is overseen by a board of directors including ODA member dentists.

  • The ODA Services Corp. has researched and endorsed products and companies to help our dentists save time and money.
  • Before endorsing a product or service, the board researches and tests it to make sure it is the best available and will meet Ohio dentists’ needs.
  • Our ODA Services Corp. team will serve as a liaison between our ODA members and our endorsed companies.  If you have a question or need to contact a company with a problem, our team can step in and get a quick response.
  • Our team is not paid through commissions, so our only interests are making sure dentists’ needs are met.

Would you like to learn more?

We are here to serve our member dentists. Contact our team at any time with questions. Call us at 800-282-1526 or email us. We’ll review our member-only endorsed products and services and help you decide which programs will be a good fit for your office.