High-Quality Health Benefits at Affordable Rates for You and Your Staff

We offer benefits for offices of all sizes and types. Affordable plans for your team is a bonus. Choose from different deductibles and plans that fit the needs of you, your family, and your employees through the ODA Wellness Trust.

The ODA Wellness Trust is a benefit of your ODA membership.

A Solution to the Increasing Cost of Health Insurance for Dental Practices

We developed the ODA Wellness Trust in 2015 as a solution to the rapidly increasing cost of health insurance for dental practices. The ODA Wellness Trust is a private, dentist-owned, self-funded, employer health benefit plan. Our program was developed by ODA member dentists for member dentists, their families, and their teams. Currently, more than 1,600 dentists and staff members from more than 620 offices participate in the ODA Wellness Trust.

The ODA Wellness Trust enables our member dentists to find affordable health benefits for themselves and their families and options to offer their employees the health benefits they need to stay competitive.  

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