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Jan 12 2023
ODA members can download and print employment posters from the ODA’s website for free. All employers are required to post numerous employment posters in their offices. From the ODA website, ODA members can download 14 posters: 2023 Minimum Wage Poster. Disabilities Poster. Equal Employment Opportunity Poster. Employee Polygraph ... [continue reading]
Sep 12 2022
A new law mandating e-prescribing will go into effect Sept. 23. The law requires prescriptions for schedule II-controlled substances to be done electronically, however, those prescribers who write 50 or fewer schedule II prescriptions per year are excluded from the requirement. There are also exceptions in situations where it is impossible to ... [continue reading]
Aug 15 2022
Over the past few years I have received phone calls from many members asking about what to do when interacting with government or legal entities. These questions have involved entities such as The Ohio State Dental Board, Ohio Department of Health, DEA, Ohio Board of Pharmacy, Ohio Attorney General’s office, Ohio EPA, judges, small claims courts ... [continue reading]
Feb 15 2022
I recently received a question regarding music in an office and it forced me to do a little research to figure out what exactly are the rules regarding music licensing and playing music in an office. Long gone are the days of tape cassettes, compact discs, and even illegally downloading music from websites such as Napster or LimeWire. With music ... [continue reading]
Nov 9 2021
The Ohio State Dental Board requires all dentists to complete 40 hours of CE, including two hours of continuing education on opioid prescribing and related issues, by Dec. 31 in order to renew their licenses. The Ohio Dental Association has several resources to help dentists meet these requirements, including an online opioid CE course as well ... [continue reading]
Nov 8 2021
Dentists and dental hygienists need to renew their licenses by Dec. 31 using the State of Ohio’s eLicense system at As part of licensure renewal, dentists must earn 40 hours of CE, including two hours of opioid CE. The ODA offers a free opioid CE course to meet this requirement at Dentists and hygienists can ... [continue reading]
Aug 11 2021
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated its COVID-19 Guidance for Dental Settings. The update removes the recommendation that dental personnel should avoid aerosol-generating procedures for all patients. The guidance now states that dentists should avoid aerosol-generating procedures in a typical dental operatory ... [continue reading]
Aug 11 2021
The American Dental Association recently released a new COVID-19 resource for dental offices, “Update to Office Procedures During COVID-19.” The document is available free to members as a benefit of membership and provides updated information for dentists to consider as they assess COVID-19 workplace hazards and make decisions that are best ... [continue reading]
Jul 12 2021
Dental practices are mostly exempt from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s new emergency temporary standard to protect health care workers from COVID-19, providing they are not treating COVID-19 positive or COVID-19 symptomatic patients. Dental practices should continue to follow and document certain work practices such ... [continue reading]
Jun 21 2021
The Ohio Dental Association’s regulatory compliance guide continues to be a top rated member benefit. The regulatory compliance guide helps ODA members ensure they are in compliance with Ohio regulations. “The guide has been extremely helpful to our practice, not only keeping our policies more organized, but also giving us the peace of mind ... [continue reading]
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