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Sep 12 2022
The March issue of the “ODA Today” reported that Ohio State Dental Board (OSDB) Executive Director Harry Kamdar had resigned effective Feb. 25, 2022, to pursue other opportunities. Recently, the OSDB announced that it has rehired Kamdar as its executive director effective Aug. 1. OSDB President Dr. Kumar Subramanian, an endodontist from ... [continue reading]
Jul 14 2022
Throughout our lives, many of us try to give a helping hand to someone in need.  It is with this kind of thinking that the Subcouncil on Dentists Concerned for Dentists (DCD) was formed to help Ohio dentists with alcohol or substance abuse problems. As a subcouncil of the Council of Membership, DCD is charged with assisting as the facilitator ... [continue reading]
Jul 14 2022
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine recently appointed a new member and reappointed two members to the Ohio State Dental Board. Dr. George T. Williams, a general dentist in Canton, was appointed to his first term on the board. He graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 1981. He has served as a delegate to the Ohio Dental Association ... [continue reading]
Jul 14 2022
Dentists (and dental hygienists) can obtain CE credit that they can use toward license renewal from the Ohio State Dental Board for the 2022-2023 biennium and beyond from: Ohio Dental Association, American Dental Association, constituent (state) or component (local) dental associations and societies affiliated with the American Dental ... [continue reading]
May 4 2022
Last month, the Ohio State Dental Board (OSDB) Licensure Examination Format Committee recommended that the OSDB permanently accept the results of certain manikin exams for licensure. This recommendation will now go to the OSDB’s Law and Rules Review Committee and will likely eventually go to the full board for approval. For several decades, ... [continue reading]
Mar 3 2022
Ohio State Dental Board Executive Director Harry Kamdar recently resigned. His last day in the position was Feb. 25. Kamdar accepted a position as the executive director for the Delaware County Transit (DCT) Board of Directors. Kamdar had served as executive director of the Ohio State Dental Board since 2015. According to ODA’s Executive ... [continue reading]
Dec 14 2021
The Ohio State Dental Board is requiring all dentists to complete two hours of continuing education on opioid prescribing and related issues. The rule requires two hours of CE for this and the next biennium in order for dentists to renew their license in Ohio. The current biennium ends on Dec. 31, 2021, and dentists must complete this requirement ... [continue reading]
Dec 14 2021
Dentists and dental hygienists need to renew their licenses by Dec. 31 using the State of Ohio’s eLicense system at As part of licensure renewal, dentists must earn 40 hours of CE, including two hours of opioid CE. The ODA offers a free opioid CE course to meet this requirement. Dentists and hygienists can also earn CE ... [continue reading]
Dec 14 2021
A call for nominations is now extended for dentist board member positions on the Ohio State Dental Board. The Ohio Dental Association has the opportunity to recommend nominees to the governor of Ohio for possible dentist board member openings on the Ohio State Dental Board (OSDB), which may be vacant in April 2022. The board member positions ... [continue reading]
Nov 9 2021
The Ohio State Dental Board requires all dentists to complete 40 hours of CE, including two hours of continuing education on opioid prescribing and related issues, by Dec. 31 in order to renew their licenses. The Ohio Dental Association has several resources to help dentists meet these requirements, including an online opioid CE course as well ... [continue reading]
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