Component Dental Society Resources

Access assistance for dental society recruitment and retention efforts.

Member-to-member contact is the proven, most successful form of outreach.

The Ohio Dental Association provides member dentists and local component societies with resources to help with recruitment and retention efforts.

Component Dental Society Recruitment Grants

The ODA is offering Component Dental Society Recruitment Grants for 2022 initiatives.

Apply for Recruitment Grant

Membership Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

The ODA Membership Recruitment and Retention Toolkit provides dentists and local component societies with resources such as scripts, talking points, and email templates for reaching out to non-members and non-renewed members about joining the tripartite.

 Membership Recruitment and Retention Workshop

The ODA offers a Membership Recruitment and Retention Workshop for local component societies where attendees will learn about local trends and challenges and participate in an outreach skills training session. This workshop will provide attendees with the skills and resources they need to successfully reach out to non-members and non-renewed members.

Membership Award Program for Success (MAP)

The ODA has launched the Membership Award Program for Success (MAP for Success) to reward component dental societies for effective outreach.

Membership Benefits News

Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) registration is available in October. Events registered by Nov. 15 will qualify for free products to give to kids at events and dental supplies to provide screenings, cleanings, fluoride varnish and sealants. GKAS activities include free dental care and/or free oral health education for children. Many dental offices ... [continue reading]
ENROLL IN THE ODA HEALTH BENEFITS PLAN Open enrollment for the ODA’s health benefits plan, the ODA Wellness Trust, is available from Oct. 15 through Nov. 15. The ODA Wellness Trust is available exclusively to ODA members and their staff and features a more extensive provider network than most individual health insurance plans. It also has a ... [continue reading]
The Ohio Dental Association has written Cigna Dental to express its concerns with a recent decision by Cigna to substantially reduce network dentists’ reimbursement. The ODA’s action is in response to a number of ODA member dentists who contacted the ODA after receiving a letter from Cigna Dental that it would begin utilizing a new fee ... [continue reading]