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Oct 17 2022
The election, advocacy and lame duck, this is what the legal and legislative department of the ODA will be doing for the remainder of 2022. Two of these items I am sure you are aware of; if you are around any type of media from social to your local news station you are well aware of the upcoming election in early November, and advocacy is ... [continue reading]
Sep 12 2022
A new law mandating e-prescribing will go into effect Sept. 23. The law requires prescriptions for schedule II-controlled substances to be done electronically, however, those prescribers who write 50 or fewer schedule II prescriptions per year are excluded from the requirement. There are also exceptions in situations where it is impossible to ... [continue reading]
Aug 15 2022
The recent United States Supreme Court decision related to abortion has caused quite a stir across the nation with many passionate individuals on both sides of the issue. Regardless of how anyone feels about the outcome (and there are good constitutional and policy arguments on both sides), the reality is that as a result of this decision the ... [continue reading]
Jul 14 2022
Over the past few years there have been electronic prescription bills introduced in legislatures across the country. Currently a large majority of states in the country have electronic prescribing mandates ranging from required e-prescribing of all controlled substances to required e-prescribing for specific substances. This national trend to ... [continue reading]
Jun 15 2022
Nearly 100 dentists, dental residents, students and spouses met with their state senators and representatives at the 2022 Ohio Dental Association Day at the Statehouse on May ... [continue reading]
Jun 15 2022
Last month, the ODA hosted its annual Day at the Statehouse where nearly 100 dentists and dental students met with legislators from both parties at the Ohio Statehouse to discuss dental therapists, ODA’s non-covered dental services legislation, reforming the Ohio Medicaid program, including raising reimbursements, and other important ... [continue reading]
Apr 11 2022
Day at the Statehouse, the Ohio Dental Association’s most important grassroots advocacy event, will be May 18 in Columbus. Day at the Statehouse gives dentists, dental residents and dental students an ... [continue reading]
Apr 11 2022
The ADA hosted its annual Dentist and Student Lobby Day in ... [continue reading]
Apr 11 2022
The beginning of 2022 has come with a lot of carryover from 2020 and 2021. Most of which is dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how the world is reacting. While COVID is still out and about and a very real concern, it does seem that we have begun to return to more of a “normal.” Having said that, I wanted to share with all of you ... [continue reading]
Dec 14 2021
As we come to the end of 2021 it is important to recap the year at the statehouse and look ahead to the coming year. As crazy as 2020 was, 2021 has also been full of challenges due to the pandemic that is still going on throughout the world. The ODA lobby team has been very busy this year. In the beginning of 2021, which seems like much longer ... [continue reading]
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