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Jul 8 2015
Dental offices are often tempted to classify temporary workers such as dental hygienists, associate dentists and in-house lab technicians as independent contractors rather than employees as a way to reduce costs. For example, employers must generally withhold federal income taxes, withhold and pay over social security and Medicare taxes, and pay ... [continue reading]
Jun 2 2015
As the new director of legal and legislative services at the Ohio Dental Association, I am pleased to participate in the “ODA Today”’s Legal Briefs column discussing various legal and ethical issues confronting dentists. The ODA regularly receives calls from our member dentists seeking guidance on how to handle specific scenarios ... [continue reading]
Mar 6 2015
This month, House Bill 463 will go into effect.  HB 463 was developed from a series of recommendations by the 2013 ODA House of Delegates aimed at improving access to quality, comprehensive dental care by focusing on delivery system enhancements and workforce development.  The bill was unanimously approved by the Ohio General Assembly ... [continue reading]
Mar 6 2015
ODA's director of legal and legislative services, Keith Kerns, has announced he is leaving the ODA to take over as the new executive director of the Ohio Optometric Association (OOA). Kerns has worked at the ODA for more than 13 years and has had a monthly column in the “ODA Today” during much of that time. In announcing his decision, ... [continue reading]
Jan 29 2015
Ohio law has long provided incentives for health care professionals to provide free care to indigent patients. In December, Gov. John Kasich signed two pieces of legislation that will enhance volunteer opportunities. House Bill 320, introduced by State Rep. Ron Young (R-Leroy Township) and passed by the legislature on Dec. 4, 2014, extends ... [continue reading]
Jan 6 2015
House Bill 463, The Ohio Dental Care Modernization Act promoted by the ODA, was signed into law by Gov. John Kasich last month after unanimous approval from the legislature. Among its many provisions to promote increased access to comprehensive dental services, the new law offers additional incentives for new graduates to practice in the ... [continue reading]
Nov 5 2014
Today's dental marketplace is increasingly competitive, driving dentists to seek out new ways to market their practices and attract new patients. However, there are several regulatory and legal restrictions on dental marketing capabilities that dentists must consider before engaging in a campaign. State regulations and the profession’s ... [continue reading]
Aug 28 2014
11/21/14 Update: For the purpose of the Start Talking! form, the Ohio State Dental Board is moving forward with a rule change to define surgery as "any procedure that involves cutting or otherwise infiltrating hard or soft human tissue; including but not limited to, gingical, bone and tooth structure, by mechanical means, including, laser surgery, ... [continue reading]
Aug 26 2014
The American Dental Association, in its "Employee Office Manual" guide for dentists, estimates that 40 percent of dental offices will experience employee fraud at some point during the life of the business. On average, these events cause the practice around $100,000. News reports this summer do nothing to dispel these statistics. Last month, a ... [continue reading]
Aug 7 2014
Dentists are increasingly finding themselves with patients refusing recommended treatment. In many of these circumstances, where the treatment plan is elective or alternative plans exist, dentists can easily work through those issues with patients. But what about the situation where a patient refuses diagnostic services? Periodic examinations and ... [continue reading]
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