Dental Insurance Assistance

We understand the challenges that come with navigating third-party payers and insurance relationships.  As a benefit of your ODA membership, the ODA and ADA feature several resources to help our member-dentists communicate with third-party payers.

Staff at the ODA are happy to answer questions about third-party payer issues. Call the ODA at (800) 282-1526 or email Dental Insurance Assistance is an exclusive ODA member benefit.

Assistance with Issues

Members can submit insurance issues to the ODA’s Dental Insurance Working Group, which will then work to help resolve the issues. ODA staff is also available to answer questions about dental insurance and third-party payer information as a benefit of your membership. To utilize this service, call the ODA at (800) 282-1526 or email

Dental Insurance Corner

The “Dental Insurance Corner” is published monthly in the “ODA Today” to answer frequent questions and help members with common third-party payer issues. The ADA also features numerous resources including webinars, publications, guides, and more.

Dental Insurance Corner

The Ohio Dental Association has written Aetna Dental PPO to express its concerns with a recent decision by Aetna to substantially reduce network dentists’ reimbursement. The ODA’s action is in response to a number of ODA member dentists who contacted the ODA after receiving a letter from Aetna Dental PPO that it would be utilizing a new fee … [continue reading]
The end of this year will mark the end of the 133rd General Assembly. That means all pieces of legislation pending before the Ohio legislature that have not been adopted into law will be discarded. If these legislative proposals are eventually to become law they must then be re-introduced and begin the legislative process all over again in the … [continue reading]
More attention is being given to dentists having a separate charge for personal protective equipment (PPE) or infection control from a variety of sources, many of which are not keen about the idea of dentists levying this charge on their patients. Those weighing in on the idea range from dentists to patients to insurance companies to state … [continue reading]

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