Day At The Statehouse

Be a part of the ODA's most important grassroots advocacy event.

Day at the Statehouse is a vital, yearly event that gives dentists, spouses, and dental students an opportunity to speak one-on-one with legislators about issues important to dentistry and advocate for patients, dental practices, and oral health in Ohio. Over the years, this grassroots event has served an integral role in delivering organized dentistry’s message at the Statehouse.

Small Meeting

How You Can Get Involved

As a practicing dentist, you understand that dentistry is a highly regulated profession.  It is important for policymakers to understand how their decisions might impact oral health care in Ohio.

Hearing the collective voice of our member dentists helps impact the decisions Ohio legislators make.

You can help by registering for and attending Day at The Statehouse. 

Have Questions?

If you are interested in learning more about Day at The Statehouse, call the ODA at (800) 282-1526 or email us.