Access to Care Resources for Low Income Families

The Ohio Department of Health offers programs that focus on providing oral health care to low income and vulnerable families, and who cannot afford a private dentist. The mission of these clinics is to provide dental care for people who don’t have a regular dentist, are enrolled in Medicaid or do not have adequate dental insurance, who cannot afford to pay for out-of-pocket treatment, and have unmet oral health needs, such as the elderly, racial and ethnic minorities, people who are medically compromised, children, and people living in remote geographical areas.

Ohioans in need of dental care can find a list of dental clinics in their communities provided by the Ohio Department of Health.

Ohio’s Dental Schools

Ohioans can also receive care at Ohio’s dental schools, which each have dental clinics where student dentists provide care under the supervision of licensed faculty dentists.

Find a Private Dentist

If you would like to find a private dentist, please click here.