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Sep 6 2023
Today’s column is going to sound like a rant but it isn’t one. It’s just me reflecting like always on things that I think and talk about every day. Every time I engage in any dental community, be it online forums or some written article in some dental economic publication of the day, I feel that the topic of work force issues bubbles to the ... [continue reading]
Aug 15 2023
Enter any major retailer at the moment, and you’re sure to see beach towels, sparklers  and picnic supplies heavily discounted as the retail world shoos away summer and makes room for the colorful onslaught of Back-to-School merchandise. At the time of this writing, summer is in its golden hour, and all too soon its twilight will be upon us, ... [continue reading]
Aug 15 2023
Next May, I, along with the best damn dental class to ever step on a rheostat in Postle Hall, will have completed 10 years of service to patients and the profession. We will be handsomely rewarded with the distinguished title of Artists Formerly Known as “New” Dentists, just like the legendary Prince. If only… in a perfect world. No, ... [continue reading]
Jul 17 2023
The recent passing of Dr. John Kramer, one of Ohio dentistry’s giants, and the richness of his life as described in his passing, prompted me to think about where our profession has come and where it may be headed. John embodied the caregiver who not only served his community in his professional duties, but went further, embedding himself in its ... [continue reading]
Jun 12 2023
It is graduation weekend and my heart is full. Our last child is graduating from high school, closing one book in his life and hopefully embarking on his next phase when he starts his direct entry DMD program at Case in the fall. The profession of dentistry has brought me so close to other mom-dentists like me, who have used this beautiful life to ... [continue reading]
Jun 12 2023
How we communicate as dental colleagues has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. Younger dentists share stories in text threads with dental school classmates and you may connect with a referral through a text rather than sending a letter or picking up the phone. These changes can be felt throughout organized dentistry as the “baby boomer” ... [continue reading]
May 11 2023
As we all know, for much of 2023, France has experienced a measure of civic unrest as legislation to increase its minimum retirement age battles through national government. News footage of the public demonstrations are a startling tableau – an iconic Parisian monument enrobed in a haze of smoke, peppered with crowds of angry workers; it is a ... [continue reading]
May 11 2023
The Boss. Not my wife. I’m talking about THE Boss – Springsteen. “Born in the USA” is perhaps the most misunderstood song of the millennia; blasted on repeat at parades and pools every Fourth of July as if Uncle Sam himself created it. Its lyrics are literally screaming with seething regret, despair and hopelessness. However, coupled with ... [continue reading]
Apr 6 2023
I just read an alumni newsletter and a long-time faculty member at that alma mater institution is retiring and transitioning to teach in a dental therapy program. I talked with a colleague from Arkansas who reported that their new dental school was experiencing some bumps. Email threads lament the inability to find auxiliary staff after COVID-19 ... [continue reading]
Mar 7 2023
This semester, I have facilitated sessions of the Ohio State Interprofessional Education program on Building Teams and Professional Collaboration. One of my roles at OSU is to integrate the dental profession more completely in the overall care of patients of the Wexner Medical Center and the James Comprehensive Cancer Center. Working on that stage ... [continue reading]
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