Discount Dental Supplies and Products through OhioDDS

An Exclusive ODA Member Benefit
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OhioDDS Product of the Month

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Any SimpliShade™ Unidose or Syringe now through December 31, 2020

Simplify your inventory management and save yourself time on shade selection while having the confidence in premium handling qualities and highly esthetic restorations. Login to your Midway customer portal and search SimpliShade.

This discount is only available to OhioDDS participants. If you have not registered to participate in the OhioDDS program, the pricing in the Midway portal will not reflect your member discounts. Sign up for OhioDDS and gain access to special pricing.


OhioDDS is a Group Purchasing Organization built to save members money. Created and operated by the ODA Services Corp., this free member-only program allows ODA dentists exclusive access to discounted pricing on dental supplies, equipment, and services. If you have any questions about OhioDDS, please email Chris Rotella, or call (614) 486-2700.


Sign up to participate in OhioDDS in three easy steps.

You must sign-up through OhioDDS to receive discounts through Midway Dental Supplies.

How OhioDDS Benefits Our Member-Dentists

Savings, Discounts, and Service

  • Practices participating in OhioDDS have saved an average of 15-16% or $5,000.
  • Our negotiated pricing results in lower prices on dental supplies and products.
  • Order in-person and online based on your office preferences. Our program offers a concierge-style sales team and an easy-to-use online ordering platform.


Frequently Asked Questions about OhioDDS

OhioDDS has partnered with Midway Dental Supply to provide discounted dental supplies, products, and services. One of the fastest-growing full-service dental supply companies in the United States, Midway has access to more than 65,000 inventoried supplies.

Yes! The purpose of OhioDDS is to save our ODA member dentists money on dental supplies, products, and services. You are not obligated to work exclusively with our OhioDDS partners. And, if you receive better pricing on a specific product through your current suppliers, we encourage you to continue working with them.

No. By signing up to participate, there is no obligation to make any purchases, but you will have the opportunity to view and compare OhioDDS prices with your current supplier. OhioDDS is here to provide cost-savings to your practice. If you can get a lower price through your current supplier, we encourage you to work with them.

We provide two easy options to register.

  • Complete the registration form online on this web page.
  • Download the print version and submit via the directions provided.

Once you have submitted the contract:

  • We will contact you to confirm your enrollment and provide the next steps.
  • You will also be assigned a Midway Dental Supplies sales representatives and login to your discount purchasing portal.

Yes, if you are an ODA member. We strive to provide exclusive benefits to our ODA members, including OhioDDS. Many dentists have recently joined the ODA just for the OhioDDS benefits because the cost savings are so significant.

The ODA Services Corporation is the division of the ODA that is dedicated to providing opportunities to save money on much-needed services, products, and programs that benefit our member dentists. OhioDDS was developed as a result of our ODA members’ requests to organize a group purchasing organization that would help them save on dental supplies and products. OhioDDS is a part of ODA Services Corp. and is an exclusive ODA member benefit.

If you have any questions about OhioDDS, please contact our COO of the ODA Services Corp and OhioDDS, Chris Rotella, by emailing or calling (614) 486-2700.