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Aug 14 2019
When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed by Congress in 2010, it mandated the eventual termination of all association health care plans.  At that time, the ODA’s Dentists Choice Healthcare Plan covered nearly 3,500 lives of our members, their families and staff.  Knowing the need and value of this member benefit, the ODA, ... [continue reading]
Jun 6 2019
The Ohio Dental Association has been looking into new membership benefits to support dental offices, including a group purchasing arrangement and endorsing an in-office dental plan platform. These benefits and others are being explored by the ODA’s DSO Task Force, which Dr. Steve Moore formed during his presidency at the 2017 ODA House of ... [continue reading]
Jun 6 2019
The Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation (ODASC) works on behalf of member dentists to endorse products and services and secure discounts for ODA members. ODASC focuses on the main "pain points" for dental offices and the things that dentists say they need. “When you’re looking for a product or service for your office, check ... [continue reading]
Oct 4 2018
Open enrollment for the ODA’s health benefits plan, the ODA Wellness Trust, is available from Oct. 15 through Nov. 15. The ODA Wellness Trust is available exclusively to ODA members and their staff. The ODA Wellness Trust features a more extensive provider network than most individual health insurance plans and includes almost all of the ... [continue reading]
Oct 4 2018
The Ohio Dental Association's health benefits plan, the ODA Wellness Trust, is available exclusively to ODA members and their staffs, and most participants are able to save money on health benefit costs by joining the plan. The Wellness Trust is a unique health benefits plan that can’t be found anywhere else. It features a more extensive ... [continue reading]
Jul 12 2018
Navigating the different types of insurance available to dentists just out of school and to those starting a practice can be confusing. You may find yourself wondering what insurance is really necessary. This guide provides information on what types of insurance you need to have, as well as additional insurance you may want to consider. It also ... [continue reading]
Jun 14 2018
Ohio Dental Association member dentists created the ODA Wellness Trust several years ago to meet the needs of dentists and their staffs amid rising health insurance costs.  As the health insurance marketplace has become more and more restricted and continues to have a shortage of quality products, the ODA Services Corp. (ODASC) has made it a ... [continue reading]
May 3 2018
Sterilizer monitoring includes a combination of process parameters to evaluate the effectiveness of the sterilization procedures. Biological monitoring is the standard for assuring proper sterilization of dental instruments. What are the requirements in Ohio? In the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 4715-20-02(A)(4), the Ohio State Dental Board ... [continue reading]
Apr 6 2018
Health insurance is becoming more and more expensive, and costs are expected to continue to increase in 2019. Many dental offices may be wondering what their insurance options are and what would be best for them and their staffs. The first health insurance option that many dental offices are choosing is individual insurance. Some offices choose to ... [continue reading]
Mar 2 2018
Looking for a dental search engine optimization (SEO) provider can be painful. With everyone from local agencies to online marketing behemoths offering SEO, the process can be as unclear as online dating. Compound this with the added pressure of having your dental practice’s reputation on the line, and it might seem tempting to skip the ... [continue reading]
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