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May 15 2013
Editor’s Note: Accepting credit cards is a necessary cost of doing business, but those costs can be one of the hardest to figure out. As credit card fees for dental offices have increased, many member offices have asked for help. For more than five years, the Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation (ODASC) has worked with Best Card, LLC ... [continue reading]
May 3 2013
Given our current low interest rate environment, it may be difficult for those who depend upon regular portfolio distributions to generate the level of income needed to sustain or supplement everyday living costs from the more traditional bond instruments. As an investor enters the distribution phase of his/her investment lifecycle, the long-term ... [continue reading]
Apr 17 2013
Submitted by Lance McCollough, ProSites We have all said it. We constantly think it. Then it happens. So, what do you do when the “it will never happen to me” turns into “what do I do now?” Eventually, reputation management becomes an issue for every business owner, so here are five insider secrets that will help you avert ... [continue reading]
Apr 17 2013
Submitted by ODASC If you’ve already started saving for your retirement, congratulations. You’re on your way to fulfilling lifelong dreams and goals. But what would happen to your retirement plans if you became one of the millions of Americans to suffer a disabling illness or injury? Would you be able to continue saving for retirement ... [continue reading]
Nov 7 2012
Lighthouse Practice Management Group Inc., creators of award winning Lighthouse 360, have partnered with the Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation (ODASC) as its recommended automated patient communications software for dentists. “Automated patient communications can be a significant asset to a dental practice,” said Dr. Billie ... [continue reading]
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