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Apr 15 2016
In today's world, you have to keep up with so much just to stay competitive. A business without a digital presence is at a disadvantage so, tough as it is, you must adapt to it. Otherwise, your practice is lost among the hundreds – if not thousands – out there that exist just in your area alone. It used to be that if you wanted to ... [continue reading]
Sep 3 2015
It is now the time of year when many people are receiving health insurance renewal notices. It is not too early to begin investigating health options in order to have new coverage in place by January, the beginning of a new deductible period. For dental offices that have never offered an employer group plan, huge tax savings are available. Moving ... [continue reading]
Jul 8 2015
One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients is the time it takes to get paid from insurance companies. For the average practice, insurance payments represent approximately 50 percent of their generated income.  Therefore, the length of time it takes to get paid for claims has a significant impact on your cash flow.  The more ... [continue reading]
Jul 8 2015
Ohio Dental Association members who are enrolled in the Ohio Dental Association Services Corp. Workers' Compensation discount plan should receive renewal quotes in the mail this summer. Information will come from CareWorksComp, which is the new name for Frank Gates. CareWorksComp helps dentists reach their highest possible discount on Bureau of ... [continue reading]
Jun 2 2015
The Affordable Care Act has brought about many changes to the health insurance industry, and the Ohio Dental Association Services Corp. has created a new health insurance plan to meet the needs of dentists and their staffs. “Offering an affordable health insurance option with high quality benefits is a top priority for the Ohio Dental ... [continue reading]
Jun 2 2015
MasterCard/Visa established October 2015 as the timeline for merchants to have EMV chip technology in place. This technology will require that chip cards stay in the equipment (terminal or pin pad attached to terminal or online system) until transaction is complete.  Non-EMV equipment will most likely continue to work after October 2015, but ... [continue reading]
Apr 13 2015
The Ohio Dental Association Services Corp. (ODASC)’s new health insurance plan, the Ohio Dental Association Wellness Trust, is now in effect. The plan is available to all members and their staffs. Below are some common questions ODA members have been asking about the new plan. What is the Ohio Dental Association Wellness Trust? The Ohio ... [continue reading]
Nov 5 2014
Finding affordable health insurance coverage without having to sacrifice quality is an enormous challenge for dental offices. Ohio Dental Association members have been asking the association to provide an alternative to buying high-cost health policies through the government exchanges (Affordable Care Act). A MEWA (multi-employer welfare trust) is ... [continue reading]
Nov 5 2014
The other day, my children were re-watching one of our favorite family movies “School of Rock” with the very funny Jack Black. There are so many lines that are laugh-out-loud funny, but my favorite one is an exchange that Jack Black has with a faculty member at a prep school: “Those who can teach, teach. Those who can’t ... [continue reading]
Aug 7 2014
The Ohio Dental Association Services Corp. (ODASC) has been researching health insurance options in light of the Affordable Care Act to ensure ODA members have a quality, affordable plan available to them and their staffs. The ODASC health insurance plan, Dentist’s Choice Health Care Plan (DCHCP), has been renewed in 2014 for another year ... [continue reading]
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