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Apr 27 2020
I am happy to share with you that today Gov. Mike DeWine announced that dental offices in Ohio can resume providing all care on May 1. A statement from the Ohio State Dental Board with specific guidelines should be posted shortly. On March 17, the State of Ohio directed all health care providers, including Ohio’s dentists, to ... [continue reading]
Apr 27 2020
Over the weekend, the ODA continued its advocacy to responsibly restore dentists’ ability to provide the full range of oral health services for Ohioans. In order to preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) for the fight against the coronavirus, on March 17, the State of Ohio directed all health care providers, including Ohio’s dentists, ... [continue reading]
Apr 24 2020
The Ohio Dental Association (ODA), American Dental Association (ADA) and a coalition of more than 85 dental organizations recently urged Congress to authorize more resources to support dental offices during the current coronavirus pandemic crisis. On April 17, the ADA, which has led the efforts in Congress to promote the interests of dentists ... [continue reading]
Apr 17 2020
Late last week Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana (Delta Dental) continued its response in addressing COVID-19 by announcing its interim coverage of interim therapeutic restorations (ITRs). The Ohio Dental Association had requested that Delta Dental cover ITRs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Delta Dental is now providing reimbursement ... [continue reading]
Apr 16 2020
The April "ODA Today" is in the mail and on the way to your preferred mailing address, but you can also read the "ODA Today" online! Click here to download a PDF of the April "ODA Today." The April issue of the “ODA Today” is devoted to the COVID-19 pandemic. You will find information and resources as well as perspectives from our members ... [continue reading]
Apr 16 2020
As our focus starts to turn to how we can reopen our offices, I want to reassure you that the Ohio Dental Association places a high priority on the safety of you, your staff and your patients. At this time, the state’s order that prohibits non-essential procedures does not have an end date, but we want to make sure we are prepared to ... [continue reading]
Apr 15 2020
The Ohio House of Representatives' newly created 2020 Economic Recovery Task Force, made up of a bipartisan cross section of 24 members of the Ohio House of Representatives, recently began its deliberations on creating a framework for when Ohio begins to lift restrictions on businesses. The task force has heard from health care experts on the ... [continue reading]
Apr 13 2020
I hear from many of you that you are ready to get back to your offices and are tired of "sheltering." You are worried about the lack of income and the bills piling up, etc. We are all in the same boat right now. We at the ODA are closely monitoring what is happening. We will not be able to go back to work until the governor ... [continue reading]
Apr 9 2020
One of the ways we can help them is by taking inventory of what personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies we have and donating any excess to our local hospitals or emergency management agencies. Last week, I loaded up my car and took my excess gloves and masks to my local hospital here in Columbus. And I know many other dentists and ... [continue reading]
Apr 7 2020
During the state of Ohio's Stay at Home Order, some dentists may find themselves with extra time available. The ODA has a few online resources available to keep dentists informed and prepared to return to their practices. During the first week and half of Ohio’s Stay at Home order, 185 members took the online opioid CE, 70 members downloaded ... [continue reading]
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