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Mar 20 2020
We know you are facing significant change and hardship due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Below are some resources that may help you traverse through these difficult times. On Saturday, March 14, when we were told health care providers would be restricted to providing emergency procedures only, we explained to Ohio policy makers that this ... [continue reading]
Mar 19 2020
Yesterday, the state of Ohio issued an order stating that dentists should limit their care to emergency situations. Below are a few recommendations to consider when closing your office to non-emergency patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: Turn off automated recalls for patients if you have an automated patient recall ... [continue reading]
Mar 18 2020
Dear colleagues, When I first heard about a disease in China that had shut down a city, I did not think about this being a global viral pandemic and impacting my life and my business. That is because my knowledge of epidemiology is limited. This IS a global viral pandemic and public health crisis and it DOES impact my life and ... [continue reading]
Mar 18 2020
In this fast moving situation, here are some recent developments: On March 17, Dr. Amy Acton signed the “Director’s Order for the Management of Non-essential Surgeries and Procedures throughout Ohio” which states that “Effective 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 18, 2020, all non-essential or elective surgeries and procedures that utilize PPE ... [continue reading]
Mar 17 2020
For immediate release March 17, 2020 Ohio Dental Association supports state’s recommendations to delay elective dental procedures Ohio Dental Association president Dr. Sharon Parsons, a general dentist from Columbus, issued the following statement today: “We fully support the state’s recommendations to delay elective dental ... [continue reading]
Mar 17 2020
Update: We want emphasize that these business resources are to educate our members on options that will be available to them moving forward.  Specifically the SBA loans that are mentioned in the resources are still in process in Ohio and are being moved through the process and should be available soon.  Continue to monitor the situation, ... [continue reading]
Mar 16 2020
Governor Mike DeWine contacted the Ohio Dental Association and Ohio State Dental Board and asked for our help in addressing the spread of COVID-19. These recommendations to the dental profession are intended to reduce the risk of patients' exposure to COVID-19 (coronavirus) to preserve Personal Protective Equipment and supplies, while still ... [continue reading]
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