ODA President: We’re all in this together

I hear from many of you that you are ready to get back to your offices and are tired of “sheltering.” You are worried about the lack of income and the bills piling up, etc. We are all in the same boat right now.
We at the ODA are closely monitoring what is happening. We will not be able to go back to work until the governor lifts the order on non-emergency services. The ODA continues to remind policymakers that our patients’ oral health will worsen if we are not able to provide many services that do not fit the definition of emergency and that this is not good for them in the long term.
The ADA and the ODA are here to help navigate these waters but we do not have the authority to lift the ban. As soon as we find out any information we pass it on to you. We are sending emails almost daily and posting on our website constantly. I wish that I knew when this will be over so that I could plan accordingly, but I do not.
In the meantime I would suggest some of the webinars available on the ADA website regarding EIDL and PPP loans to help us get back on our feet. Watch the free to members Opioid CE on the ODA website. Download the free Regulatory Compliance Guide and make sure that your office is up to snuff for when we do get back. Attend a free virtual CE course for ODA members presented by the ODA Annual Session Committee on April 16. Sign up for the webinar on in-office dental plans so that you have options for your patients when we do return.
I think that a lot of us dentists are Type A personalities and we do not like having no control. I know it drives me crazy. However, that is the situation as it stands now. So, step back, work on projects at home, covet your loved ones, maybe learn a new hobby. Get outside and appreciate nature. This is a time of renewal, both in religions and in season. This period will come to a close and we will keep you abreast on the next chapter. Please stay safe so that I can see all of you in the days to come.
Sharon K. Parsons, DDS
Ohio Dental Association