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Oct 19 2021
Dental insurance plans are now dictating fees for dental services that the insurance company does not even cover for enrollees. This practice is fundamentally unfair and unnecessarily interferes with the patient-dentist relationship. The Ohio Dental Association supports the effort to stop this unfair practice and asks members of the General ... [continue reading]
Aug 11 2021
One of the busiest times of the year has come and gone in the Ohio legislature. The biennial operating budget (House Bill 110) has passed the House and Senate and has been signed by the governor. The budget has to be passed by July 1 in order for the state to continue to operate. The main purpose of the budget is to allocate money to departments ... [continue reading]
Jul 12 2021
Dr. Hal Jeter attends a meeting during the ODA Virtual Day at the Statehouse with Dr. Hans Guter and Dr. Scott Balzer and staff members from the office of Sen. Bob Peterson (R-Washington Courthouse). They were joined on the call by Eric Richmond, ODA director of legal and legislative ... [continue reading]
May 14 2021
Strength in numbers may be an odd term for dentists since we spend most of our time in a one-on-one relationship with our patients. Many of us practice in solo offices, some of us practice in partnerships with a few other dentists and more and more of us practice in larger group dental practices. When we consider the size of our state government ... [continue reading]
May 14 2021
When this article reaches the press many of you will have already met with your legislators in this year’s Ohio Dental Association Day at the Statehouse, while some of you may have meetings later this month. I want to thank those who participated and make sure that all members are aware of the important function this day serves. I am hopeful ... [continue reading]
Apr 20 2021
Due to the current restrictions on gatherings in Ohio and preferences of certain ... [continue reading]
Jan 18 2021
After a difficult 2020, the Ohio Dental Association has a lot in store for 2021. As 2021 kicks off, we are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic as well as regulations in Ohio that ... [continue reading]
Jan 18 2021
This is the first article of 2021 and an opportunity to bid farewell, I mean good riddance, to the crazy year that was 2020. With all of the unforeseeable hurdles that appeared in 2020, we are hopeful that 2021 will edge closer to normal at some point. The end of 2020 marked the end of the 133rd General Assembly. The start of 2021 will begin the ... [continue reading]
Dec 18 2020
As each year comes to pass it is important to review the year for successes and places for improvement in the coming year. The only issue that this year presents is that it feels like it was closer to a decade than 365 days. In an ever-changing landscape 2020 has presented many challenges and in this article I am going to try to capture the ... [continue reading]
Jun 17 2020
Ohio Dental Association Executive Director David Owsiany recently provided testimony to the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee in favor of legislation providing certain professionals and businesses qualified immunity from civil liability and other professional discipline for actions taken related to the current coronavirus pandemic. Owsiany told ... [continue reading]
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