Office closure checklist from ODA President Dr. Sharon Parsons

Yesterday, the state of Ohio issued an order stating that dentists should limit their care to emergency situations.
Below are a few recommendations to consider when closing your office to non-emergency patients during the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Turn off automated recalls for patients if you have an automated patient recall system.
  • Email or post a notice on your website to let your patients know you are closed and to inform them of procedures to follow in an emergency. Click here for sample language.
  • Check on any automated orders or payments you may have set up. Some entities are allowing for late or missed payments during this time.
  • Contact the post office to stop your mail.
  • If you’re a general dentist, contact the specialists you work with to see how you can work together to handle emergency situations.
  • Contact the lab(s) you work with to see if they are still open and if so stop any deliveries.
  • Clear the water lines in all of your units.
  • Make sure all of your units are shut down.
  • Turn down thermostats.
  • Turn off computers.
  • Shut off the water to your office.
If you are like me, your head is spinning after everything that has happened in such a short time. I had forgotten about the water lines in my operatories and will be going back to take care of those. We may think of other things and will share them as well. Your dental supply people may also have great tips for you. I know these are relatively uncertain times. We will get through them together and will share with you anything that we learn.
To view all resources and updates from the ODA related to COVID-19, click here.
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Dr. Sharon Parsons
ODA President