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Jun 5 2020
The Ohio Dental Association recently launched a radio and digital advertising campaign about seeing a dentist in our post-COVID world. The radio ad explains how regular dental care ensures that we have good oral health and good overall health. It also discusses some of the new safety measures that may be in place at dental offices in Ohio. The ad ... [continue reading]
Jun 4 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many dentists to reassess what levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) are appropriate for different procedures. As a result of this reassessment, some dentists have decided to require the use of respirators by certain dental team members while others have opted to simply make respirators available for staff ... [continue reading]
Jun 3 2020
I would like to take a moment to acknowledge those protesting social injustice in our country. We need to forget, for a while, those that are looting and rioting, for many or most are not a part of this. Our Pledge of Allegiance, something most of you hold dear, ends with the words “with liberty and justice for all.” If ... [continue reading]
May 29 2020
On May 27, Representative Bill Roemer (R-Richfield) introduced legislation that would require dental insurers to pay for a portion of expenses related to dentists’ additional PPE costs in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. House Bill 681 requires that health benefit plans that provide coverage for dental care services “shall ... [continue reading]
May 29 2020
Ohio Dental Association Executive Director David J. Owsiany recently provided testimony to the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee in favor of legislation providing certain professionals and businesses qualified immunity from civil liability and other professional discipline for actions taken related to the current coronavirus pandemic. Owsiany ... [continue reading]
May 29 2020
Representative Jon Cross (R-Kenton) recently introduced House Bill 623, which would permit Ohioans to take a temporary state income tax deduction for out-of-pocket dental expenses.   ODA president Dr. Sharon Parsons expressed appreciation for Representative Cross’ willingness to introduce the tax deduction bill. She pointed ... [continue reading]
May 6 2020
Well, here we go. The next phase. If you are anything like me, you may have a multitude of emotions running through you right now-joy, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, etc. Each of you needs to open your office only when you are ready. For me, personally, it will probably be May 11. I just spoke with a dentist last evening who ... [continue reading]
Apr 22 2020
This week the Ohio Department of Medicaid announced new COVID-19 emergency telehealth rules impacting dentistry.    Beginning on April 15, 2020, dentists will be able to bill the Ohio Medicaid fee-for-service and managed care programs (i.e., the Medicaid HMOs) and MyCare Ohio Plans for the D0140 (limited oral evaluation – problem ... [continue reading]
Apr 9 2020
The Ohio Dental Association Annual Session Committee is hosting a 2020 ODA Annual Session Sneak Peek! The live, online CE course, "A Patient Can Have as Many Diseases as They Pleases" presented by John A. Svirsky, DDS, Med, will be April 16 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Before the presentation begins, ODA leadership will update members on current issues ... [continue reading]
Mar 26 2020
During the state of Ohio’s stay at home order, some dentists may find themselves with extra time available. The ODA has a few online resources available to keep dentists informed and prepare to return to their practices.   Online opioid CE   The Ohio State Dental Board is now requiring all dentists to complete two hours of ... [continue reading]
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