Employers are now required to post a new FFCRA poster

The U.S. Department of Labor has released a new poster that employers are required to post as of April 1, 2020. The new poster provides information about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.
The ODA provides this and all other required posters for free to ODA members as a benefit of membership. Please click here to download the FFCRA poster, and click here to see a list of all posters. Please be aware that the U.S. Department of Labor recently issued a revised version of the FFCRA poster, so be sure to download the current poster to ensure you have the correct version.
The ODA’s regulatory compliance guide also includes all required posters along with information to help ensure your office is in compliance with regulations. Click here to access “The Ohio Dentist Advisor: Your Guide to Regulatory Compliance.”
If you need assistance logging into www.oda.org to be able to access the poster, please email jackie@oda.org.
COVID-19 information for dental offices in Ohio
Click here to view current and updated information and resources about the coronavirus for dental offices in Ohio.
The American Dental Association also has many resources available for dentists about COVID-19.