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Oct 26 2012
I am often asked the same question by fellow young dentists ... what do I do if I'm not busy? And while I don't pretend to have all the answers, my personal opinion is that a focused approach to continued education (CE) can and will make all the difference in the world. Dental school provides only the most basic foundation for dental practice and ... [continue reading]
Oct 22 2012
On October 22, 2012 the American Dental Association House of Delegates elected Dr. Ronald Lemmo, a general dentist from Willoughby Hills, Ohio, as the new ADA Treasurer.  ODA president Dr. Kim Gardner congratulated Lemmo stating "Ron has the skills and knowledge to be an outstanding ADA treasurer, and the House of Delegates clearly recognized ... [continue reading]
Oct 16 2012
Life after dental school is certainly improved, but not any less busy! Buying a house, getting married, raising kids, finding a job and learning how to be a better dentist are just a few events that can dominate day-to-day life. Most of us have only scratched the surface of what should be a long and rewarding career. But who is looking out for us ... [continue reading]
Oct 15 2012
Dr. Kari Cunningham, a pediatric dentist from Cleveland, has been able to combine her passion for giving back to the community with her career in dentistry. Cunningham is a recipient of the National Health Service Corps Scholarship, which requires a commitment to four years of service to an underserved community upon graduating from dental school. ... [continue reading]
Jul 9 2012
A majority of the Supreme Court, in an opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts, found that the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, which requires virtually every American to purchase health insurance with a set of benefits defined by the government, is a valid exercise of Congress’s taxing power under the U.S. ... [continue reading]
Jun 28 2012
Each patient has every right to ask: “Well doctor, what would be the expected outcomes for this (these) procedure(s)?” Patients expect, and deserve, accurate and all-encompassing information about their individual clinical situation from their dentist. A patient might also ask, “What do you think is best?” Thus it is fundamental for the ... [continue reading]
Jun 28 2012
Columbus has many exciting attractions for all ages and interests within walking distance of the Convention Center and several more that are just a short drive away. With all there is to do around Columbus, ODA's Annual Session will feel like a vacation. The Short North is just north of the Convention Center and is home to 14 art galleries; 50 ... [continue reading]
Jun 28 2012
Dr. Matthew Parker Dr. Parker attended The Ohio State University College of Dentistry with a scholarship from the U.S. Navy and graduated in 2000. Upon graduation, he accepted a residency position from the University of Alabama and the Birmingham Veteran's Administration Hospital. After completing his residency program in 2003, Dr. Parker served ... [continue reading]
Jun 28 2012
Thanks to all the continued support and push for a publication reaching out to the younger dentist population, generationD is back! The experience and knowledge of a veteran dentist with years of practicing dentistry can provide many important lessons. Quite often, however, the stories and ideas of colleagues at a similar point in practice can ... [continue reading]
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