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Aug 14 2019
It appears the Ohio Dental Association has played an instrumental role in overturning a decision to terminate the participating provider status of a number of ODA member dentists with one of Ohio's Medicaid HMOs. Earlier this year numerous ODA member dentists received correspondence from DentaQuest stating that their offices would no longer be ... [continue reading]
Jul 8 2019
Ohio Dental Association members continue to address situations where an insurance company or other third-party payer wants to recover funds from reimbursement amounts they have previously made to the dentist. The causes for the initial incorrect payment, or overpayment, vary. Sometimes the initial payment was made to the dentist and other times it ... [continue reading]
Jun 6 2019
Ohio Dental Association membership surveys have consistently reported that ODA members rank the "monitoring [of] the dental insurance industry and advocating dental insurance benefits" as a high priority objective for the association. The dentists who volunteer their time at the American Dental Association, ODA and local dental societies and the ... [continue reading]
May 8 2019
Last month's column focused on the dental insurance resources that are available to Ohio Dental Association member dentists via the ODA. In this month’s issue, we'll take a look at the many resources that the American Dental Association has to help members with third party payment issues. Third party payer advocacy and individual ... [continue reading]
Apr 4 2019
ODA Director of Dental Services Chris Moore gives a CE seminar about dental insurance issues at the 2019 ODA Leadership Institute. To schedule a free seminar, a dental society or dental school can contact the ODA to reserve one at (800) 282-1526. The most recent Ohio Dental Association membership survey, like all of the previous ... [continue reading]
Mar 11 2019
The Ohio Dental Association continues to see problems for many dentists when it comes to obtaining third-party payer reimbursement for core buildups. Sometimes these problems have resulted in the third-party payer requesting additional information from the dentist, denying the claims for the service or disallowing the claim in question. (Generally ... [continue reading]
Feb 1 2019
The Ohio Dental Association has expressed its concerns to Aetna concerning a letter it sent to at least one ODA member dentist regarding Aetna's new payment practices. According to the letter, Aetna stated it had “changed our payment policy to only send electronic payments.” The letter also said the dentist “must enroll in an ... [continue reading]
Jan 8 2019
The Ohio Dental Association receives a number of calls from member dentists concerning ways to either attract new patients to their practice or keep existing patients within the fold. A common theme among these callers involves the dentist’s willingness to discount his or her fees in some manner to “compete” with major preferred ... [continue reading]
Dec 13 2018
In recent months, the Ohio Dental Association has received an increased number of calls from ODA member dentists regarding the proper way to report the names of the treating dentist and billing entity to third-party payers. Most of the calls were prompted by a dental practice bringing on an associate for the first time and some involved dentists ... [continue reading]
Nov 12 2018
Dealing with the subject of fees can be a sensitive issue, but at the same time it is a necessary part of the patient-dentist relationship. The subject can become exponentially more difficult when a third-party payer becomes involved in the discussion. One of the most antagonizing things a dentist can encounter involves an assertion that his/her ... [continue reading]
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