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Jun 15 2022
The Ohio Dental Association Workforce Working Group is exploring strategies to help address staffing issues in dental offices. “The working group was formed out of last year’s House of Delegates through the charge of our president, Dr. Tom Kelly,” said Dr. Ben Lamielle, chair of the ODA Workforce Working Group and the Dental Education and ... [continue reading]
Jun 15 2022
The internet has made selling unregulated, “gray market” or counterfeit dental supplies easier than ever, and the pandemic brought this problem to the forefront with supply chain issues and the sales of counterfeit respirators and COVID tests. Using substandard and falsified medical products may cause harm to patients and fail to treat the ... [continue reading]
May 4 2022
The 2022 ODA Annual Session is Sept. 15-17 in Columbus at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and the Hilton Columbus Downtown Hotel. “At this year’s Annual Session, we ... [continue reading]
May 4 2022
Last month, the Ohio State Dental Board (OSDB) Licensure Examination Format Committee recommended that the OSDB permanently accept the results of certain manikin exams for licensure. This recommendation will now go to the OSDB’s Law and Rules Review Committee and will likely eventually go to the full board for approval. For several decades, ... [continue reading]
May 4 2022
Karen Kinder, the Ohio Dental Association’s receptionist, passed away unexpectedly on April 13. She was ... [continue reading]
May 4 2022
The ODA has received reports of phishing emails coming from various sources. A phishing scam occurs when a fraudulent email is sent asking you to update or verify your personal information by replying to the email or visiting a website. Once you click on a link, you’re sent to a website used to steal your information. Oftentimes these emails ... [continue reading]
Apr 6 2022
The Ohio Dental Association has lodged a formal complaint with the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) concerning its Episodes of Care program. Click here to view the letter. The ODA Medicaid Working Group strongly suggests that any dentist who has been notified that they must return money either directly to the state of Ohio or to one of the ... [continue reading]
Dec 14 2021
The Ohio Dental Association has retained 94.15%.of its 2020 membership, which is down slightly from last year. Moreover, 14 of its 25 local component dental societies have retained 95% or more of their 2020 membership. Following is a list of those societies: Rehwinkel Dental Society 98.67% Maumee Valley Dental Society 97.96% Western ... [continue reading]
Nov 11 2021
Membership dues statements and electronic renewal notices were recently sent out to ODA members. Members who indicated previously that they prefer to receive membership communications electronically will not receive a paper statement in the mail and will only receive e-notifications. Dues are due Jan. 1, 2022, for the 2022 membership year. Renew ... [continue reading]
Nov 9 2021
On Oct. 16, the American Dental Association House of ... [continue reading]
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