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Aug 28 2013
The Ohio Dental Association occasionally receives calls from patients complaining about dentists who assess separate fees or charges for services, activities or functions that would not typically be considered distinct dental procedures such as infection control, missed appointments and filing insurance claim forms. The complaints range from the ... [continue reading]
Aug 1 2013
Recent letters to dentists from dental-related entities concerning regulatory changes to Medicare have generated many questions in dental offices across the state. The questions typically involve whether the letter actually pertains to the dental office and what, if any, action the office needs to take in response to it. Payment issues Medicare ... [continue reading]
Jun 26 2013
Numerous entities within the Ohio Dental Association, ranging from the Executive Committee and advocacy team to the Council on Dental Care Programs and Dental Practice (CDCPDP) and its Dental Insurance Working Group, work to identify and address dental insurance issues. As part of this process, the ODA conducts environmental scans of many issues, ... [continue reading]
May 30 2013
Christopher A. Moore, MA - ODA Director of Dental Services The Ohio Dental Association has received a number of calls over the past year from ODA member dentists with questions concerning participating provider contracts they have entered into. The questions typically involve whether the contracting insurance company is allowed to administer the ... [continue reading]
May 3 2013
Speakers at the April Ohio Dental Association Leadership Institute addressed a number of topics related to leadership and dentistry in general. One thought provoking segment of the conference was produced during a session on employment issues and dentistry that was presented by ODA Director of Legal and Legislative Services Keith Kerns. Among the ... [continue reading]
Apr 17 2013
Christopher A. Moore, MA - ODA Director of Dental Services The Ohio Dental Association routinely receives calls from ODA member dentists’ offices regarding the form they are asked to complete in order to either be credentialed by a third-party payer they want to contract with or re-credentialed by a payer they already contract with. The ... [continue reading]
Mar 13 2013
Christopher A. Moore, MA - ODA Director of Dental Services The American Dental Association has filed a number of class action lawsuits aimed at defending the dentist-patient relationship and halting what the ADA has seen as unlawful insurance industry practices since the turn of the century. These legal actions had national significance to ... [continue reading]
Feb 6 2013
Christopher A. Moore, MA - ODA Director of Dental Services Dealing with dental insurance can present dentists with a number of situations that have legal and/or ethical ramifications. Some of the issues involved are rather obvious and well established while others are new and in some cases not quite as clear cut. Misrepresentation, AKA insurance ... [continue reading]
Jan 9 2013
Christopher A. Moore, MA - ODA Director of Dental Services Laws affecting dental insurance and dental benefit plans can significantly impact the typical dental practice. Ohio dentists should be aware of three pieces of legislation considered by the just completed session of the state legislature that will likely be re-introduced in some form to ... [continue reading]
Dec 10 2012
Christopher A. Moore, MA - ODA Director of Dental Services      Please note the following information is generally applicable in situations where the dentist is not contracting with the third-party payer. In contracting situations, the dentist needs to adhere to the terms of his or her contract with the third-party ... [continue reading]
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