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Nov 11 2022
Registration for the ODA Annual Session includes access to 18 free hours of online CE, available until Dec. 31, 2022. Didn’t register for the in-person event? No problem, you can still register to access our online CE. Online CE courses offered through ODA Annual Session: Oral Health Access Supervision Program, presented by a panel of ... [continue reading]
Aug 15 2022
Excellent CE opportunities for all members of the dental team will be offered in person. Participation workshops will be a highlight of this year’s Annual Session with hands-on opportunities being offered by many of the featured lecturers including hard-to-find workshops directed ... [continue reading]
Jul 14 2022
The 2022 ODA Annual Session is Sept. 15-17 in Columbus at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and the Hilton Columbus Downtown Hotel. Register at by Aug. 1 to ... [continue reading]
Jul 14 2022
Dentists (and dental hygienists) can obtain CE credit that they can use toward license renewal from the Ohio State Dental Board for the 2022-2023 biennium and beyond from: Ohio Dental Association, American Dental Association, constituent (state) or component (local) dental associations and societies affiliated with the American Dental ... [continue reading]
May 4 2022
The 2022 ODA Annual Session is Sept. 15-17 in Columbus at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and the Hilton Columbus Downtown Hotel. “At this year’s Annual Session, we ... [continue reading]
May 4 2022
Annual Session attendees will have the opportunity to share dental practice information and earn ... [continue reading]
Dec 14 2021
Dentists and team members can log in to the ODA Virtual Annual Session at their convenience until Dec. 31 to earn up to 33 hours of CE through 18 courses and visit the Virtual Exhibit Hall. Don’t miss this opportunity for convenient and affordable CE to complete your CE requirements to renew your license. Register and access virtual courses ... [continue reading]
Oct 19 2021
This year (2021) is the final year of the licensing biennium for dentists in Ohio so I thought I would review the CE rules in this month’s column. As you probably know, dentists are required to complete 40 hours of Ohio State Dental Board (OSDB)-accepted CE every two years in order to renew their licenses. Occasionally, I get asked by ... [continue reading]
Jun 21 2021
The Ohio State Dental Board is requiring all dentists to complete two hours of continuing education on opioid prescribing and related issues. The rule requires two hours of CE for each of the next two bienniums in order for dentists to renew their license in Ohio. The current biennium ends on Dec. 31, 2021, and dentists must complete this ... [continue reading]
May 14 2021
The ODA Annual Session Committee is planning a hybrid event for the 2021 ODA Annual Session, which will include both in-person and virtual components to ... [continue reading]
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