Renewing membership, joining organized dentistry is ‘critical’ for all dentists

The Ohio Dental Association offers many valuable resources to member dentists throughout the year. From saving money and time to advocacy efforts and volunteer opportunities, membership in the ODA has something to offer everyone.

“This may be one of the most critical times in the last 20 years for all practicing dentists to join or renew their membership in organized dentistry,” said ODA President Dr. Thomas Paumier. “We are on the threshold of dramatic changes in how we practice dentistry as well as how we are reimbursed for the care we provide. From the decline of the solo practice model, the threat to patient care of midlevel providers, declining utilization of services by working age adults and decreasing reimbursements from insurance and public payers, we will continue to face threats to the core values of our profession. Only when we represent the highest majority of dentists can we have the power and resources to influence these critical issues in a positive manner to produce the most favorable outcomes. It is essential that all dentists join or renew today to protect our profession for the next generation of our colleagues.”


The ODA advocacy team tracks dozens of bills and regulations affecting dentistry. They know what’s occurring at the Statehouse and ensure that dentists have a voice in the discussion of all legislation impacting dentistry.

Having a collective voice through the ODA gives dentists more strength in the legislative arena. The ODA also saves dentists time by keeping track of the legislation and regulations for them and by advocating against overly burdensome and time consuming requirements, so that dentists can focus on what’s most important: patient care.

“The ODA has made it possible for me to spend more time focused on direct patient care by advocating for the dental profession,” said Dr. Jennie Nichols, a general dentist from Medina. “The limiting of pharmacy board requirements and of taxing dental services has allowed my practice to focus on treating dental disease instead of tedious paperwork and red tape.”

Recent advocacy successes include:

  • Reforming the laws governing dental malpractice to protect dentists from frivolous lawsuits
  • Maintaining the exemption for small generators of waste (saving dentists $1,000 per year)
  • Retaining funding for the adult dental Medicaid program
  • Preventing a new provider tax (saving dentists $1,000 per year)

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In addition to publications like the “ODA Today” and the ODA’s e-newsletter “NewsBytes,” ODA staff members are available by phone and email to answer questions. They can provide information on regulations, insurance matters, legal issues, starting a practice and more. The ODA’s website,, features resources and information specifically for Ohio dentists that can’t be found anywhere else.

The ODA also alerts dentists to new laws and regulations so members can know they have up-to-date information. Everything dentists need to know can be found at, through the “ODA Today” and “NewsBytes,” or by calling the ODA directly.

“Being a first time business owner and opening a practice from scratch can be a very overwhelming process,” said Dr. Lisa Davison, an orthodontist from Powell. “The benefits of membership in the ODA in terms of a reference for services, products, regulatory guides, and more was incredibly helpful. I was amazed at how prompt the ODA staff were in answering my questions and providing me with materials I required. The ODA proved to be an invaluable resource for me!”

Products and services

The Ohio Dental Association Services Corp. (ODASC) researches products and services useful to dentists and their practices to help save them time and money.

ODASC helps dentists save money by securing discounts on products and services available exclusively for ODA members and by finding products and services that provide the best value for the price. Before endorsing a product or service, the board researches and tests it to make sure it is the best available and will fit Ohio dentists’ needs.

Many dentists find that by taking advantage of the discounts provided to members through ODASC, they can actually cover the cost of their dues.

“I have two autoclaves. When I switched from a different sterilization monitoring service to the Spore Check service that I contract with as an ODA member, I saved over $200 in costs,” said Dr. Denise Hering, a general dentist from Reynoldsburg. “I recently switched my texting/emailing service to Lighthouse 360, saving $30 per month. I use other ODASC services, but with the use of those two, I am recouping all of my ODA dues, and also covering my component dues. They are fantastic services. The work that the ODASC Board does to bring us these services at reduced rates for members is an incredible member benefit.”

Some of ODASC’s most popular endorsed products include:

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Volunteer opportunities

The ODA offers dentists several opportunities to give back to their communities, including:

  • Give Kids a Smile, where dentists provide free care to children in need.
  • Dental OPTIONS, where dentists provide care to low-income, uninsured individuals.
  • ODA Foundation, where donations go toward providing scholarships to dental students and grants to programs throughout Ohio.
  • Smiles for Seniors, a program that promotes oral health care of older adults through education.
  • Operation TACTIC, an educational program to prevent the use of tobacco.

“The ODA offers many great volunteer opportunities, like Give Kids a Smile, where I can help give back to patients in need,” said Dr. Shabbir Hashim, a general dentist in Toledo. “I have chaired my local GKAS event for four years and have seen increased enthusiasm among dentists over the years. The program really makes a difference in the lives of children in need.”

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Continuing Education

The ODA offers members opportunities to receive continuing education credits at a reduced rate. Members can attend the ODA Annual Session for at least $375 less than non-members. Annual Session features nationally known speakers on a wide variety of topics for the entire dental team.

The 2015 ODA Annual Session will be Sept. 17-20 in Columbus.


Dentists often say that meeting other dentists from around the state is one of the top benefits of joining organized dentistry. Throughout the year, the ODA features several events where dentists can connect with colleagues from across the state. From events like the Leadership Institute and Annual Session, to new dentist events and component society meetings across the state, it’s a great way for dentists to meet other people like them.

Renew Your Membership

ODA members can renew their membership online by clicking here. ODA membership dues are due Jan. 1, 2015, for the 2015 membership year. For more information about membership renewal, click here.