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Credit Card Processing

ODA Member Benefit

We invite you to send a recent processing statement to for a detailed, no-obligation cost comparison and a $5 Amazon gift card.

Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit cards is a necessary cost of doing business, but those costs can be one of the hardest to figure out.

Best Card is endorsed by more than 25 dental/medical associations or their affiliates and offers thousands of dentists great personalized customer service as well as extremely competitive rates. The average dental practice is saving $4,221 per year with Best Card, a 28% savings!

Best Card is so confident they can help your practice, they will give you a $5 Amazon Card just for allowing them to perform a detailed no-obligation cost comparison. With Best Card, you’ll get:

  • Next-day funding if your batch is closed by 5 p.m. (Central)
  • One deposit and one statement for all cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express).
  • Consistent low rates (Best Card had only two rate increases in 10+ years) and no hidden fees.
  • $0 or low set-up fees for terminals and online systems.
  • No pressure to buy anything you don’t need. Can usually re-download existing equipment.
  • EMV & contactless terminals with one- to two-year warranty starting at $169 (for ODA members only using one-time $100 discount on EMV equipment).
  • Online systems available – enabling you to:
    • swipe cards at your computer and print to 2-1/4” receipt paper
    • accept online payments via a “Make a Payment” link on your website
    • set up recurring payments
    • AUTO-POSTING AVAILABLE! Automatic posting of payments into the most popular dental software programs!

About The Company

Best Card LLC is a long-established full service Merchant Services Provider to restaurants, retailers, chain stores, franchises, hospitality and lodging establishments, direct marketers as well as Internet and mail order/telephone order businesses. Through credit card processing partners, we provide nationwide credit & debit card processing, clearing and settlement, gift/loyalty/stored value card programs, terminal management solutions, and electronic check processing.

The Best Card Team originally started in 2004 as an in-house program created by the Colorado Dental Association to offer its members credit card processing services with a level of savings, support, and integrity that they believed was often lacking in the industry. Co-founders Jennifer Nieto and Rose McKee were CDA employees and in 2008, to be able to more effectively serve the needs of their growing members, decided to create the Best Card Team.

As a company, we are endorsed by 25+ professional associations and work closely with thousands of merchants around the country.  We take great pride in our level of customer service and support.

Compare Rates!

Fax your recent statement to 866-717-7247 for a rate comparison.  Or, call Best Card at 877-739-3952, visit their website, or email them to learn more.