New regulatory compliance manual has the answers

One of the benefits of being an ODA member is that you can call the ODA staff and get answers to regulatory compliance questions. The ODA staff is experienced in assisting dentists in remaining compliant with Ohio’s laws and regulations and in limiting exposure to liability. We regularly get calls from dentists with dental practice-related questions, such as the following:

  • What duties can I delegate to my dental assistant or dental hygienist?
  • What requirements do I have to satisfy in order to have my dental hygienist see patients when I’m not physically in the office?
  • What environmental regulations do I have to follow in my office?
  • What do I need to include in my OSHA hazard communication plan?
  • When am I required to file a report with the Ohio State Dental Board for an adverse occurrence with a patient?
  • What employment posters am I required to post in my office?
  • Do I have to allow service animals in my office?
  • What needs to be in my written X-ray Quality Assurance Program required by the Ohio Department of Health?

Now, the answers to these questions and many more can be found from one source – the ODA’s brand new “Ohio Dentist Advisor: Your Guide to Regulatory Compliance.” This online resource includes information about nearly every regulatory issue dentists confront. There are sections on delegable duties and supervision, dental license and continuing education requirements, employment regulations, patient record and privacy requirements, environmental and infection control regulations, prescribing laws, X-ray rules, and much more.

Developed by ODA staff members who have a total of more than four decades of dealing with such issues, this resource includes several user-friendly tools to ensure every dental office can remain in compliance with Ohio’s laws and regulations, including the following:

  • A compliance checklist for environmental regulations that dental offices must follow.
  • Links to all of the employment posters that are required to be posted in a dental office, which may be downloaded.
  • Checklists for what you need to do in order to allow your dental hygienist, EFDA or CDA to provide services to patients when you are not physically present in the office.
  • Checklists for what you need to do in order to allow your CDA to place sealants or to get a coronal polishing certificate.
  • A summary of the Ohio State Dental Board’s continuing education requirements for dentists.
  • Checklists for what is required in order to secure a sedation permit.
  • A sample OSHA hazard communication plan in a writable PDF format so that it can be customized for your practice.
  • A sample Ohio Department of Health X-ray Quality Assurance Program in a writable PDF format so that it can be customized for your practice.
  • Dozens of other summaries and tips for complying with applicable dental laws and regulations.

There is no other regulatory compliance resource for Ohio dentists that is this comprehensive and user-friendly. The “Ohio Dentist Advisor: Your Guide to Regulatory Compliance” is posted on the ODA’s website and is easy to download. And because it is in digital format, every time Ohio’s dental laws and regulations change, we will automatically update the manual. So all you have to do is check back occasionally and download a new version when the laws and regulations change in order to remain compliant.

And best of all this useful resource is available exclusively to ODA members for free. Be sure to check out “Ohio Dentist Advisor: Your Guide to Regulatory Compliance” by clicking here; I guarantee you will find it useful for your office.