Wow. May was a busy month. From Day at the State House, to The Ohio State University College of Dentistry Convocation (I was so honored to attend), to Executive Committee meetings, to testifying at the Statehouse on SB 115 (legislation that would prohibit insurers from setting fees for non-covered services), to guest presentations at local component dental society dinners with Mr. Owsiany (thank you friends for the invites) to guest remarks at the Indiana Dental Association House of Delegates, and to radio ad recordings, May has just wrapped up. It has been a whirlwind year thus far and I am so appreciative to you all for this memorable and grand opportunity. Special thanks are in order to all at the ODA who make EVERYTHING happen with such flawless grace.

This month is our membership edition of the “ODA Today” and I would love nothing more than to point out how strong the state of our ODA is. Our lobbyists, the ODA team, and our volunteer members are at the helm; they are alert, informed, and are steering us in incredible directions. Thank you to all who came out for Day at the Statehouse. It is so important for advocacy that we show up in the large numbers that we have become accustomed to and continue to do so in order to discuss and explain the dental issues and concerns facing our profession and the health of our patients with our state legislators.

It is equally important to testify on behalf of our members and patients on House and Senate bills and state budget matters at the Statehouse. I would like to give all our members and non-members reading this edition the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible advocacy taking place on all our behalf despite one’s membership status. All dentists, no matter what practice model (FQHC, faculty, DSO, sole owner) and no matter what stage of life (new or seasoned dentist), we all reap the rewards of the ODA and our volunteer members.

However, this is not sustainable. If non-members do not join, if non-renewals continue, and if new graduates do not feel welcome and fail to see value in membership, we will slowly see our demise, lose our voice/our strength, and we will have no recourse. The days of freeloading cannot go on. We all have an obligation to our profession and to the public. We are part of a highly regulated profession, if we drop a watchful eye, I fear what could become. You may access incredible recent testimonies on the Medicaid dental fee increase request of the state budget, SB 115 (non-covered services), and SB 40 (to join the dental and dental hygienist licensure compact to improve licensure portability) on the ODA’s website by clicking here. There is no better way to grasp the workings of the ODA than this. I implore you to visit and if you are not currently a member, PLEASE JOIN for our voice is only as strong as our member numbers and this momentum must continue for the future of our profession.

June is also the month of Father’s Day, and I would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. Enjoy your day!

To all, enjoy your families and enjoy your summer.

Check out our website at and see all a membership has to offer; be informed. If nothing else, know that the camaraderie is real and reminds us that we are not islands within our practices; we are all colleagues, not competitors.