In an American Dental Association Health Policy Institute survey conducted last year, inflation/overhead/rising costs was ranked as the second biggest challenge dental practice are facing.

Between supply chain issues and skyrocketing inflation, dental practices across the U.S. are seeing increases in their supply costs.

The Nominal Retail Consumer Price Index (CPI) hit a 41-year high of 9.1% in June 2022. The Nominal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Index hit a 41-year high of 7% year of year in June 2022.

“Many dental practices are seeing an increase in the cost of their supplies and equipment,” said Dr. Sharon Parsons, chair of the ODA Services Corp. “The ODA Services Corp.’s group purchasing organization, OhioDDS, is providing our members savings on their dental supplies as a benefit of their membership in the ODA. Purchasing your supplies through the OhioDDS vendors not only gives you access to great pricing, but it helps support organized dentistry. The more our members purchase through our OhioDDS vendors the better the savings. The primary goal of this program is to keep member pricing low and at a great value.”

OhioDDS is a Group Purchasing Organization built to save members money. Created and operated by the ODA Services Corp., this free member-only program allows ODA members exclusive access to discounted pricing on dental supplies, equipment and services as a benefit of membership.

“The savings I’ve received through the OhioDDS program have been very substantial,” said Dr. Brett Pelok, secretary of the ODA. “In the first quarter of 2023, I’ve saved over $5,000 on the same products and dental supplies I normally use. That’s a savings that would pay for my tripartite membership three times over.”

OhioDDS has three strong vendor partnerships to help members save money:

  • Cintas
  • Kettenbach Dental
  • Safco Dental

The ODA’s newest partner, Safco Dental, provides these guaranteed savings to OhioDDS members:

  • 10% savings on national brand products (such as 3M, Dentsply, Kerr and 100s of others).
  • 30% savings on Safco Brand products (including more than 1,600 highly rated products in over 100 categories).
  • 100% manufacturer pass-through credit for any incremental incentives the OhioDDS achieves from exclusive contracting.
  • One free expedited shipping per month if a member needs product immediately.

Savings from retail pricing may come at time of purchase or via payment credit on a future Safco order.

“Buying my products and supplies through Safco has included a small learning curve,” Pelok said. “Ordering online is quite simple, but allowing the savings process to work throughout the month was a bit confusing at first. Once Chris Rotella (COO of the ODA Services Corp.) walked me through the process, once again, pretty simple to understand.”

More than 850 ODA members have already signed up for OhioDDS. A portion of every purchase made through the OhioDDS program helps support the Ohio Dental Association.

“OhioDDS is definitely a member benefit,” Pelok said. “If my annual savings match my first quarter results, I’ll save over $20,000. I believe there’s quite a few things members could do with that money.”

ODA members can sign up for OhioDDS risk free with no enrollment/monthly fees or minimum purchasing requirement to order products. Sign up by clicking here.

“I urge all members to explore the benefits of the OhioDDS program and Safco,” Pelok said. “This partnership is a win-win. Members save money, and the ODA is able to provide another avenue of income.”