Open enrollment for the ODA’s health benefits plan, the ODA Wellness Trust, begins Oct. 15 and lasts through Nov. 15 for Jan. 1, 2024 coverage. This is your once-a-year opportunity to review your plan options and select your benefits for the upcoming year. For dental practices, open enrollment provides staff members not currently enrolled in the ODA Wellness Trust the opportunity to obtain a quote and decide if they would like to elect coverage for the upcoming year. Outside of open enrollment, staff can only elect coverage or change benefits if a qualifying life event were to occur.

“I believe the ODA Wellness Trust has my best interest in mind when choosing the coverage options, looking at a wide range of budget options, and working hard to get the most coverage for the cost,” said Dr. Rachel Sanyk, a general dentist in Hilliard. “Without my ODA membership and the Wellness Trust, I would be stuck doing research on all types of plans and putting my trust into someone who may not know the unique dental office situation.”

The ODA Wellness Trust is a private, dentist-owned, self-funded health benefits plan, developed by ODA member dentists for ODA member dentists, their families and their staff members to provide high quality health benefits at affordable rates.

“The folks in charge of the Wellness Trust have been so great over the years,” Sanyk said. “My office has used the ODA Wellness Trust for many years and they are always very helpful with enrollment forms, answering specific questions from my staff, and always being a useful resource for an otherwise confusing product. Specifically, when my staff has life-changing events that cause them to alter their coverage, they make it such an easy process! They are knowledgeable, prompt and supportive. When calling in with a question, you are quickly sent to the correct person to help handle your situation. I never feel like I’m alone when having the ODA Services Corp team on my side!”

ODA members who enroll in the Wellness Trust have access to ODA Services Corp. staff to help enrollees through every step of the process and avoid needing to wait on hold or navigate automated directories with insurance carriers.

“Over the many decades that we have been working with them, we have been very happy with the prompt, courteous and very helpful members of the ODA Service Corp. team,” said Dr. Nick Schooley, a general dentist in Columbus. “Getting customer service from people who know us has been a great help and benefit when we had questions about our group health insurance. Whenever we have had life changes for staff members that affected their insurance, the staff at the ODA Services Corp. has been able to very quickly take care of any issues that we had.”

ODA members and their staff are urged to direct all questions to ODA Services Corp. for a quicker, more helpful response. ODA Services Corp. employees are available via phone or email to answer questions about the ODA Wellness Trust and help dentists decide which plan is right for their office. They are licensed insurance agents who are salary-based and do not make a commission on sales, so they always have ODA members’ best interests at heart.

“The service that we receive from the ODA Services Corp. team is by far the best customer service I have ever received when using other companies in the past,” said Dr. Kyle Bogan, a general dentist in Delaware and Treasurer of the ODA. “From the initial call, to questions along the way, and to finalizing the process they are always available and ready to assist. My experience with other health benefits providers has been long and frustrating, so it was a breath of fresh air when the ODA Wellness Trust made everything so simple and easy for me and my team to understand.”

ODA Services Corp. staff provide attentive, responsive customer service and are available to assist participants with any questions or office updates. ODA Services Corp. staff will even contact Medical Mutual on participants’ behalf when needed.

“One of our employees was going through the process of some life changes and wasn’t sure what that meant for her eligibility for medical benefits,” Bogan said. “While in the past, I would have had to make several phone calls to get the information that the employee needed, the ODA was able to address the issue quickly with one call.”

The ODA Wellness Trust is available exclusively to ODA members, their families and their staff members as a benefit of your membership in the ODA.

“The ODA Wellness Trust health benefits are a HUGE benefit of my membership in the ODA for two reasons: one, the savings we experience on premiums more than pays for my membership in the ODA, and two, I want to provide my team with the best benefits package possible – especially in today’s workforce environment – and the ODA Wellness Trust provides an easy, streamlined way for me to accomplish that goal,” Bogan said.

The ODA Wellness Trust is a not-for-profit health benefit plan created by ODA members for ODA members. By joining together with ODA members throughout Ohio, the ODA Wellness Trust gains collective buying power, which allows dentists and employees access to similar pricing and coverage large employers receive.

“The Wellness Trust health plan is one of the most important and concrete benefits of ODA membership for me,” said Dr. Emily Zeisler, a general dentist in Rocky River. “With the competitive market to attract and retain qualified staff, it’s important to be able to offer health insurance. The ODA Services Corp. offers excellent customer service to support the plan that helps make this possible.”

The group requirements of the ODA Wellness Trust were designed to be flexible and fit the needs of smaller dental offices. The ODA Wellness Trust is an employer plan, but no employer contribution is required and participation requirements are some of the most accommodating in the market.

The ODA Wellness Trust features an extensive provider network and has a wide range of deductible options to fit many different needs.

“The ODA Wellness Trust has allowed me to provide quality healthcare options to my team,” said Dr. John Heffernan, a general dentist in Brunswick. “Those options have allowed me to attract and maintain excellent team members. Through the Wellness Trust the ODA has built a team of people to deliver a service to its members. For me it is a major factor in membership.”

Requesting a quote is easy and risk free. For full details, visit www.odawt.org or call an ODA Wellness Trust representative at (800) 282-1526 or email insurance@oda.org. Open enrollment for the ODA Wellness Trust is Oct. 15-Nov. 15, 2023 for Jan. 1, 2024 coverage.