ODA supports legislation to allow Ohioans to take a tax deduction for out-of-pocket dental expenses

Representative Jon Cross (R-Kenton) recently introduced House Bill 623, which would permit Ohioans to take a temporary state income tax deduction for out-of-pocket dental expenses.
ODA president Dr. Sharon Parsons expressed appreciation for Representative Cross’ willingness to introduce the tax deduction bill. She pointed out that “while that state’s order basically shutting down dental offices for six weeks was in order to preserve PPE for front line health care workers who were testing for and treating coronavirus, many Ohioans may now be apprehensive about returning to the dental office or believe that dental care is non-essential.” Parsons stated that “the ODA supports this legislation to encourage patients to seek the dental care they need.”
House Bill 623 would allow Ohioans to take a state income deduction for any out-of-pocket expenses for dental care services paid with after tax dollars for the tax years 2020-2021. For more on House Bill 623, click here.