The ODA provides members with exclusive access to a variety of products and services through the ODA Services Corp. As an additional benefit, many of our endorsed products entitle ODA members to premium discounts.

“The ODA Services Corp. promotes products that help our members do their job, or fill needs to be a better dentist, or enhance their life,” said ODA Services Corp. Chair Dr. Joe Crowley. “With its model, it also can generate non dues revenue that helps the ODA provide value to its members through many programs and work inside the ODA.”

The ODA Services Corp. Board thoroughly researches and tests products that might be of interest to dentists and then determines whether or not to endorse a product, service or company.

A few examples of how you can save money through ODA Services Corp. endorsed products and discounts include:

  • Credit card processing through Best Card: The average dental practice is saving $6,496 or 27% annually on payment processing with Best Card.
  • In-office membership plan through DentalHQ: DentalHQ offers unlimited custom plans for all participants, not just your uninsured.
  • Dental website design, marketing and patient communications through ProSites: ODA members receive up to 70% off.
  • Disability Insurance through Principal: ODA members receive a 10% discount.

Other products endorsed through the ODA Services Corp. include amalgam separators, disinfectant cleaner, spore check, interpretation services, whitening gel, health benefits, professional liability insurance, workers’ compensation and our group purchasing organization.

One of our most popular products is the ODA Wellness Trust, which provides health benefits to ODA members, their families and their staffs. Currently, the ODA Wellness Trust provides health benefits to over 3,200 enrollees.

The ODA Wellness Trust works to keep rates as low as possible while providing the type of high quality, broad-based coverage subscribers deserve. We offer a wide variety of benefit options, a large network of doctors and hospitals, and hands-on administrative support.

Another popular opportunity is our group purchasing organization, OhioDDS. Created and operated by the ODA Services Corp., this free member-only program allows ODA dentists exclusive access to discounted pricing on dental supplies, equipment and services through Cintas, Kettenbach Dental and Safco. ODA members can sign up for OhioDDS for free as a benefit of membership, and there is no obligation to make a purchase.

“ODA Services Corp. product use is a win-win for our members and the ODA,” Crowley said. “Financially both members and the ODA benefit tremendously from the use of our endorsed products.”

ODA Services Corp. staff members are not paid on a commission, and they have dentists’ best interests at heart. Call an ODA Services Corp. representative at (800) 282-1526 for details about the ODA Wellness Trust, OhioDDS and other benefits available to members at a discounted rate. Or click here for details on products and services or visit www.odawt.org for details on the ODA Wellness Trust.