The Ohio Dental Association recently released a new series of radio advertisements aimed at attracting new dental assistants and hygienists into the workforce.

The three new radio spots highlight the benefits of becoming a dental assistant or hygienist and point listeners to visit oda.org, speak to their school guidance counselor or a dentist in their community to learn more.

The first radio spot is about becoming a dental assistant and features a conversation between a high schooler and a dental assistant, who says “I love my job as a dental assistant. I have flexible work hours, the money is good, and I get to work in a professional, people-oriented dental office. What I really love about my job is knowing I help give people a healthy smile.”

The second radio spot talks about how becoming a hygienist is flexible, secure and fun. “It also offers excellent pay and is ranked as one of the best jobs in America, too!” the ad says.

The third ad is aimed at people who are looking for a career choice and talks about the benefits of becoming a dental assistant or hygienist. The ad says “Become a valuable member of the dental team and start helping people love their smile!”

These radio ads are part of the ODA’s initiatives to help dentists meet their staffing needs. In 2022, the ODA House of Delegates passed a resolution to develop and implement a dental staff recruitment campaign to help member dentists meet their staffing needs.

The radio ads began playing on ONN stations across the state in April.

The ODA has been supporting member dentists and dental practices through a public education radio campaign targeted to consumers around the state since 2012.

The radio campaign is a partnership with the Ohio Society of Association Professionals (OSAP) and the Ohio News Network (ONN) that provides an opportunity for the ODA to join together with other Ohio associations within OSAP to promote ODA membership as well as support member dentists.

The ODA has released many radio spots over the years, including messaging about it being safe to go to the dentist following the COVID-19 shutdown, the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day, February is Children’s Dental Health Month, “Dentists are Doctors” and more. These radio ads all encourage patients to schedule a dental visit with an ODA member dentist.

All of the radio advertisements can be found on the ODA website at https://www.oda.org/member-center/news-media/.

In addition to the radio spots, advertisements are placed online and in social media in the target market with a similar message to the radio ads.

ONN is a provider of news, weather, and sports programming for over 71 radio stations and 101 frequencies across the state. ONN radio stations reach more than 1 million people and cover all 88 counties in Ohio.