Cost-benefit analysis: ODA dues save members money

The Ohio Dental Association has the second lowest dues rate in the country at $275 for active members.

The cost of state dues range from $210 in Utah to $1,205 in Alaska, and the average cost of state dues is $500. 

In return for such low dues, ODA members receive a wide range of benefits that save them money. Members can save enough money to more than cover the cost of their dues, including local society and American Dental Association dues by taking advantage of all options listed below. In total, ODA member  dentists could save up to $8,213 annually.

Recent advocacy initiatives alone have been able to save dentists in Ohio $2,900 in potential costs.

The ODA also provides members many different services. Members can save approximately $1,083 by taking advantage of all the services offered by the ODA. In addition to the services listed in the chart, the ODA also offers a peer review process, which allows dentists and patients to resolve disputes. Depending on the situation, savings can vary greatly, however, dentists could potentially save thousands of dollars from avoiding the court system.

The Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation (ODASC) offers products that dentists can purchase at a discounted rate. By taking advantage of some of these products, dentists could save approximately $4,230.

For a cost breakdown of ODA products, services and initiatives that save dentists money, see below.

And these savings don’t even take into account many of the invaluable opportunities available through the ODA. Member dentists have opportunities to volunteer and improve access to care, receive expert guidance on regulatory compliance and have 24-hour access to the members-only section of For more information about how the ODA serves its members, visit

Potential savings available to ODA Members:

ODA advocacy initiatives that save you money
  • Prevented implementation of new taxes: $1,000 – Based on stopping a proposal to extend sales tax to certain dental services
  • Maintained Exemption for Small Generators of Waste: $1,000 – Based on the cost of waste hauler fees
  • No Statewide Mandate for Amalgam Separators: $700 – Based on the cost of an Amalgam separator
  • No New License for Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs: $150 – Based on the cost of proposed licensing fee
  • No New CE mandates in Human Trafficking: $50 – Based on the cost of mandatory CE course

Savings from advocacy initiatives: $2,900

ODA services that can save you money
  • Insurance Contract Analysis Service:$400 – Based on an estimated cost of an analysis from an attorney
  • General Legal Guidance from ODA Staff: $200 – Based on the average cost per hour of an attorney
  • Continuing Education: $350 – Based on a $250 savings for members at Annual Session, plus up to a $100 discount for an Annual Session course
  • Classified ads: $33 – Based on cost for members versus non-members
  • “ODA Today”: $100 – Based on yearly subscription fee for non-members

Potential savings from ODA services: $1,083

An example of ODASC products that can save you money
  • Health Insurance: $300 – There is no monthly billing fee so an office can save $25 a month without even accounting for individual plan savings
  • Professional Liability Insurance: $75 –   5 percent annual discount. Average annual premium $1,500
  • Disability Insurance: $400 – 10 percent annual discount. Average annual premium $4,000
  • Credit Card Processing: $1,200 – Average office savings of 23 percent annually
  • Electronic Claims Processing: $600 –  Based on 200 claims per month X .25 per claim savings
  • Automated Patient Communication System: $360 – $30 per month discount on Lighthouse 360 monthly fee
  • Website: $465 – ProSites offers members a 25 percent discount on website building;savings based on basic website priced at $1860
  • Workers’ Comp Group Rating: $495 – Based on maximum discount for an office of six staff
  • Personalized Whitening Gel Syringes: $200 – Compared to similar products (46 kits annually)
  • SUV Disinfectant: $50 – Free shipping and spray bottles
  • Sterilizing Test Strips: $85 – Compared to the cost of similar services

Potential savings from ODASC products: $4,230  

Total savings available to ODA Members: $8,213

These savings are an example based on a typical office. Depending on the size of your office and other circumstances, savings may vary by practice.