Annual Session CE courses: Something for everybody

The 147th Ohio Dental Association Annual Session, to be held in Columbus from Sept. 19 to 22, will feature a wide selection of continuing education courses designed for every member of the dental team. Course offerings include lectures, roundtables discussions, and nearly 20 hard to find, hands-on workshops.

One innovative workshop the ODA is excited to offer this year is designed for the dentist and dental assistant to attend together. “Innovation in Direct Restorative Dentistry” will give attendees information about composite resin as a direct restorative solution for anterior and posterior restorations and discuss new technologies entering the market that address bulk filling techniques and self-etching alternatives. This course will be led by Dr. Mike Scoles from 9 a.m. to noon (Course Code F53 and F53-A for an assistant accompanying a dentist) and from 2 to 5 p.m. (Course Code F59 and F59-A for an assistant accompanying a dentist) on Friday, Sept. 20.

Continue reading below to find out about more of the stimulating offerings for the entire dental team, and visit to look up information on the courses listed below plus details on all of the speakers and a complete schedule of CE courses available at the 2013 ODA Annual Session.

Courses for the New Dentist

Dentists in practice less than 10 years will be interested in a variety of courses designed for the newer practitioner. From a special reception to practice marketing topics, to a fee reduction on a scientific CE course, the New Dentist will find a variety of opportunities. Look for course codes: T13, T32, F39, F62, F68, S78 and Y83, and Event Code E92.

Especially for Dental Hygienists

The ODA Annual Session has a reputation for offering outstanding courses and offerings especially for hygienists, and this year is no exception. From the Hygienist-only Roundtables, to perio topics to over-the-counter products to required courses such as medical emergencies and CPR training, a broad variety of learning opportunities await hygienists. Look for course codes: T21, F54, F57, S72, S79 and Y84.

For the Dental Assistant and EFDA

From hands-on courses especially for the chairside and the EFDA, to inspiring presentations to motivate and excite team members along their career path, the ODA has innovative programs designed for assistants. Look for course codes: T18, T33, F36, F36-A, F50, F53, F53-A, S73 and Y82.

Team Motivation & Training

A recent change in the Ohio State Dental Board continuing education requirements now allows dentists and dental hygienist to count up to six hours of practice management courses toward license renewal. Take advantage of the rule change to take staff to hear nationally known speakers such as Dave Weber, Amy Morgan and The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. Look for course codes: T13, T32, F42, F51, F65, and S78.

For Dentists, By Topic

Each year, the Annual Session Committee selects courses designed to encompass all levels and skills of dental practice. Many lecture courses designed for dentists are accompanied by hands-on workshops.

  • Dental Implant Courses: Look for course codes: T17, T28, F43, F46 and F66.
  • Restorative Dental or Esthetic Dental Courses: Look for course codes: T10, T12, T20, T24, T27, T30, F45, F47, F53 & F53-A, F59 & F59-A, F61, F64 and S70.
  • New Products or Technology: Look for course codes: T14, T29, F39, F40, F52 and Y83.
  • Endodontics: Look for course codes, T19 and T31.


The pre-registration deadline is Aug. 2, so be sure to register online, fax in your registration, or have your registration postmarked by Aug. 2 to save on registration costs.

There are three ways to register for the 2013 ODA Annual Session.

1. Online at Online registration will be open until the close of Annual Session, making it the most convenient and easiest way to register for the convention. You can access the site through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

2. Use the registration form provided in the preliminary program, the June “ODA Today” insert or online, and fax or mail following the directions on the form.

3. On-site at Annual Session – but be sure to arrive in plenty of time so you aren’t late for your first course, and have backup course options ready in case your first choice is full.

Registration and a name badge are required to participate in all Annual Session activities. Please note that you should register for any free CE course you plan to attend to receive a ticket.

For any registrations received after Aug. 16, badges and tickets must be picked up at the ODA on-site registration area. Pre-registration is advised – not only will it save money, but avoids long registration lines and the risk of being closed out of popular CE programs.

For more information about registration, visit or check the preliminary program or the June “ODA Today” insert.