10 reasons why being a member of the ODA benefits every dentist

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One of the most highly valued ODA member benefits is the opportunity to network with dentists from across the state.

Being a member of the ODA can help save you money, make your practice life easier and benefit you professionally. Here are 10 reasons why being a member of the ODA is valuable.

  1. To join together with other dentists for a strong voice at the Statehouse to protect your patients and your practice.
  2. To gain access to information for your practice.
  3. For assistance resolving insurance and third-party payer disputes.
  4. For access to resources to help make sure your office is in compliance with laws and regulations.
  5. For assistance from ODA staff members, who are knowledgeable about issues dental offices face and are available by phone or email to answer questions.
  6. For discounts on products and services through the Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation.
  7. To attend CE courses at a discount.
  8. For networking opportunities with dentists from across the state.
  9. To utilize the Contract Analysis Service before signing an insurance/third-party payer contract or dental management service organization contract.
  10. For resources to help you get involved in your community and improve access to care.

Learn more at www.oda.org, or contact the ODA at 800-282-1526 or dentist@oda.org.