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ODcAst: Dental Insurance Working Group

This episode looks at how the ODA Dental Insurance Working Group can help members with dental insurance issues.

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ODcAst May 2017

This edition features information on electronic fund transfers (EFT), the 2017 ODA Annual Session, providing expert testimony and grant and scholarship opportunities through the ODA Foundation.

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ODcAst: 2018 Election Update

This episode discusses the recent elections and how they may affect dentistry in Ohio.

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ODcAst: ODA Radio Campaign

ODA PresidentDr. Steve Moore and ODA Executive Director David Owsiany discuss the ODA's latest radio spot.

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ODcAst: 2018 ODA Annual Session

2018 ODA Annual Session Chair Dr. Betsy Mueller shares details about this year's event.

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ODcAst: ADA President Dr. Joe Crowley

This episode features a conversation with ADA President Dr. Joe Crowley.

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ODcAst: Dental OPTIONS update

This episode features an update on the Dental OPTIONS program.

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ODcAst: Find a Dentist search feature

This episode features information on how the ADA Find a Dentist search feature can help dentists attract new patients to their office.

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ODcAst: 2018 ODA Leadership Institute

This episode features information on the 2018 ODA Leadership Institute.

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ODcAst: 2018 advocacy update

This episode gives an update on issues affecting dentistry at the Statehouse.

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