Replace a PDF with an updated version

If you have a PDF in the resource library and want to update the PDF but keep the link the same anywhere it’s linked on the site, how do we do that?

You can replace a file with the same name and there is no need to change any links.
  1. Delete the file from media library
  2. Upload new file (Must have same exact name as original file)

Updated 2/21

Reference this BC Post.

WordPress doesn’t have the functionality to replace a media post’s file but retain its metadata. And the search function in WP Admin is not very good, which does make finding things difficult, especially for such a large site.

The process mentioned above is valid and probably the only way for an average admin to update a file.

However, it is possible to just replace the file with the updated version directly in the filesystem via FTP. Provided the filename is exactly the same, the original media post will remain unchanged as it’s pointing to the same exact URL of the file. This process would only take a developer a few seconds to complete.

If you wanted to avoid the time doing it in WP Admin, we can upload updated files for you.

Is there an easy way on the back end to tell whether a media file is in the resource library or not?

On the Edit Media page, if the Hidden File option is “yes” then the file will not show up in resource library or site searches. It is essentially hidden unless you directly link to it.

Zoom Edit-Media-‹-Ohio-Dental-Association-—-WordPress (1).png

If we have an item that’s in the resource library and we want to remove it from the resource library but keep it on a specific page, is there any easy way to do this, or would we have to delete the file and re-upload it? 

  1. Yes. A Hidden File can still be linked to within page content. It’s just omitted from searches. You can toggle this option without the need to edit other info.