Add or Edi News Story

How to Add or Edit a News Story

To edit a news story,

  • Click on All Posts
  • Find the article
  • Click Edit as you hover your curser
  • Follow the instructions below

To get started:

  • Click on Posts on the left-side dashboard in the back-end.
  • Click on Add New (you can view all news articles by clicking on All Poss)
  1. Add Title
  2. Add Author – you are able to add any person name in this title bar if you want to give someone a byline.
  3. Add article description
  4. Select Categories. Remember, you can select an unlimited amount of categories forths article to populate.
  5. Add keywords: These keywords should include search terms that may or may not be in the article but will help with the on-site search. For example, if the article is about COVID-19, add COVID, Coronavirus to the box so the article populates when someone searches any of these terms.
  6. Remember to click the blue Publish button at the top right.