When you renew your ODA, ADA and local dental society membership, we’ve got you covered

When you renew your membership with the Ohio Dental Association, the American Dental Association and your local dental society, we’ve got you covered.

From third-party payer issues to regulatory compliance to debt management we have your back. When you have a question, be sure to call organized dentistry first, we probably have an answer. We’ve got you covered.

We’re here to help you with regulatory and legal compliance

ODA staff members are experts in answering your questions about regulatory compliance and legal issues. If you have a question, call the ODA at 800-282-1526 or email dentist@oda.org and we are happy to help.

The ODA also features helpful resources on our website at www.oda.org/resource-library, and the ADA features great practice resources as well at success.ada.org.

The ODA is also always tracking legislation that may affect dental practices, and keeps you updated on the information you need to know to keep your practice in compliance through the “ODA Today” and in the ODA’s e-newsletter, “NewsBites.”

We’re here to help you with third-party payer issues

Dealing with third-party payers can be complicated. The ODA and ADA feature several resources to help you out.

The “Dental Insurance Corner” is published monthly in the “ODA Today” to answer frequent questions and help members with common third-party payer issues. Additionally, members can submit insurance issues to the ODA’s Dental Insurance Working Group, which will then work to help resolve the issues.

Staff at the ODA is also happy to answer questions about third-party payer issues. To talk to a staff member or for more information about the Dental Insurance Working Group, call the ODA at (800) 282-1526 or email chrism@oda.org.

Additionally, the ODA is fighting unfair insurance practices by advocating for legislation that would stop insurance companies from setting fees for services they do not cover. When you renew your membership, you’re lending your support to this fight.

The ADA also features several helpful resources for members. Numerous resources including webinars, publications, guides and more can be found at success.ada.org/en/dental-benefits.

The ADA Third Party Payer Concierge provides one-on-one support to members and can be accessed by calling (800) 621-8099 or emailing dentalbenefits@ada.org.

The ADA also features a contract analysis service to help members make informed decisions before signing dental provider contracts with third-party payers. To utilize this free service, contact the ODA by emailing dentist@oda.org or calling (800) 282-1526.

We’re here to help you with debt management

Refinance your student loans through Laurel Road, the ADA-endorsed student loan refinancing lender and receive an additional 0.25 percent rate reduction for being a member. For more information, visit www.ada.org/en/member-center/member-benefits/ada-and-drb-student-loan-consolidation.

The ADA also features numerous debt management resources at success.ada.org.

We’re here to help you with products and services for your office

The ODA Services Corp. researches products and services for dental offices and secures reduced rates for members, saving you time and money. When you use an ODASC-endorsed product, you know you’re getting a high quality product that has been tested by dentists like you. Plus, ODASC representatives are available by phone and email to help you out.

ODASC endorses many different types of products, including insurance products; practice management products like credit card processing and patient communications systems; and office products like gloves and paper supplies, whitening gel, amalgam separators and a sterilizer monitoring system. For more information, visit odasc.com.

We’ve got you covered – renew your membership

ODA membership dues are due Jan. 1 for the 2019 membership year.

Members can renew online at www.oda.org/renew, by fax at (614) 486-0381, by mail to Ohio Dental Association, P.O. Box 182039, Dept. 367, Columbus, OH 43218-2039 or by phone at (800) 282-1526.