What should I do if a patient or staff member has COVID-19?

If a patient or staff member is suspected of having COVID-19, they should immediately contact their physician. Their physician will then determine what steps they should take next, including whether or not they should be tested for COVID-19. Click here for more information about when to seek care from a physician.
The physician and local health department will work together if the patient tests positive for COVID-19. This will initiate a public health worker to reach out and begin contact tracing. The public health worker will reach out to anyone who may have been exposed to the coronavirus and provide instructions about self-monitoring and quarantine procedures. Click here for more details about contact tracing.
If a staff member or patient who has been in your office reports to you that they have the coronavirus, you should immediately report this to your local health department. The local health department will then work with your office for next steps to take. For more information, click here.
The Ohio State Dental Board guidelines also recommend the following steps:
  • Pre-screen every patient for COVID-19 risk factors using a comprehensive questionnaire until accurate testing is available.
  • Record body temperatures for every patient when they arrive for their appointment.
  • Patients reporting or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms are to be advised to contact their primary care physician immediately and placed in quarantine as appropriate.
  • All staff members should have their temperatures taken upon arriving at work and a record maintained at the dental office.
  • Staff members who report or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms should self-quarantine and contact their primary care physician immediately and follow their advice. If found to be positive, the dental office should follow the Ohio Department of Health protocol.
For full details on the OSDB guidelines, click here.