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Apr 4 2014
Give Kids a Smile day is one of the many ways ODA members volunteer their time. April 6 - 13, 2014, is National Volunteer Week. The Hands On Network – a group dedicated to promoting volunteerism in communities across America – says that National Volunteer Week is all about “inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people ... [continue reading]
Feb 26 2014
Ohio Dental Association member dentists have consistently told us that legislative and regulatory advocacy is one of the most important benefits of belonging to organized dentistry. And according to our latest survey, 90 percent of ODA’s members express satisfaction with the ODA’s performance in the advocacy arena. It is easy to see why. The ... [continue reading]
Jan 28 2014
The ODA's Leadership Institute is an award-winning day and a half professional development program that is open to all ODA member dentists.  The program is designed to have something for everyone.  The event will kick off on Friday, March 28 at 11 a.m. with a keynote presentation by William Prescott, an Ohio-based lawyer who has represented ... [continue reading]
Jan 3 2014
As we begin the New Year, it is worth taking stock in where we are, where we have been, and where we are going as an association and profession. The good news is that, despite many challenges, the dental profession and the Ohio Dental Association continue to thrive. Review of 2013 Early in 2013, Gov. John Kasich introduced the proposed budget for ... [continue reading]
Dec 2 2013
I read with great interest what the other “ODA Today” columnists predicted regarding what the dental profession will look like in 2050 (click here to see the responses). While I am not exactly sure what dentistry will look like in 37 years, I know the Ohio Dental Association will still be thriving by representing the interests of dentists and ... [continue reading]
Nov 4 2013
Occasionally, I get calls from dentists who have been approached about providing expert testimony in a malpractice case or a dental board hearing. Generally, they are seeking guidance on the ethics of providing such testimony. When a patient’s dissatisfaction with treatment leads to litigation or the filing of a complaint with the state ... [continue reading]
Oct 2 2013
What should you tell a new patient who has come to you after receiving treatment from another dentist with which the patient is dissatisfied? All too often, I hear stories about needless conflict and occasionally litigation because a dentist makes disparaging comments about the previous treatment a patient received. The “ADA Principles of ... [continue reading]
Aug 28 2013
Sept. 17 is “Constitution Day” in recognition of the fact that on Sept. 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention, after meeting all summer long, met in Philadelphia one the last time to sign the document they had created. That document – the U.S. Constitution – created the system of government that still ... [continue reading]
Aug 1 2013
The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit recently issued a decision in a case involving the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiner’s attempt to regulate tooth bleaching by non-dentists. Some commentators suggest that the case could call into question the current manner in which states regulate dentistry in America. A close ... [continue reading]
Jun 26 2013
On June 4, the Ohio House Insurance Committee held a hearing on House Bill 159, an ODA-backed bill that would prohibit dental insurance companies from dictating the fees dentists charge for services that the insurers do not cover. Below is an abridged version of the testimony I provided to the committee. Chairman Hackett and members of the Ohio ... [continue reading]
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