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Jun 17 2020
Last month's column focused on the “unprecedented” nature of our current situation as we navigate our way through the coronavirus pandemic. This novel coronavirus – COVID-19 – creates unprecedented challenges to how we live and how you practice dentistry. I wrote in last month’s column that “in our lifetimes we ... [continue reading]
May 19 2020
As I write this column in mid-May, most dental offices are just beginning to reopen to provide the full range of dental services following over a month of being shut down (except for emergencies) because of the coronavirus pandemic. While Ohio begins the process of trying to get back closer to normal, many more questions than answers continue to ... [continue reading]
Apr 7 2020
At the time I am writing this we are about two weeks into the state's order directing all health care providers to delay all elective procedures. I give you that timeframe because by the time you read this undoubtedly even more changes and challenges will have emerged than what I am writing about today. Things seem to change daily, sometimes ... [continue reading]
Mar 4 2020
The ODA's recent membership survey conducted in late 2018 reveals a significant changes from 2012 in terms of dentists looking to hire dental hygienists and dental assistants and in reporting difficulty in finding dental hygienists and dental assistants. For example, in 2018, 52% of respondents reported that they had no need to hire a dental ... [continue reading]
Feb 14 2020
Much has been written about the opioid epidemic here in Ohio and across the country. According to the Ohio Department of Health, Ohio has been a focal point for drug overdose deaths in America. In 2009, 1,423 Ohioans died from unintentional drug overdoses, which was 12.7 per 100,000 population. That number has risen steadily and in 2017, 4,162 ... [continue reading]
Jan 16 2020
One of the benefits of being an ODA member is that you can call the ODA staff and get answers to regulatory compliance questions. The ODA staff is experienced in assisting dentists in remaining compliant with Ohio’s laws and regulations and in limiting exposure to liability. We regularly get calls from dentists with dental practice-related ... [continue reading]
Dec 12 2019
The recent membership survey demonstrates that the ODA continues to be a successful and effective organization promoting the dental profession and oral health in Ohio. As dentistry continues to evolve, the ODA is addressing the various challenges facing dentistry by rolling out several new initiatives, including ODASC’s new group purchasing ... [continue reading]
Nov 21 2019
On October 9, 2019, ODA past president Dr. Steve Moore, a general dentist from West Chester, and I testified in support of Senate Bill 148 before the Ohio Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee. Senate Bill 148 is legislation that will address the issue of dental insurers setting the fees that dentists can charge patients for ... [continue reading]
Oct 17 2019
The ODA is rolling out some exciting new programs this fall – all of which are designed to provide ODA members with significant benefits for their practices. Ohio Discount Dental Supplies (OhioDDS) The Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation (ODASC) is working with Midway Dental Supply to secure the best possible prices on dental ... [continue reading]
Sep 5 2019
In reviewing the briefs filed by the parties in the FTC’s antitrust action against three dental supply companies (see “Closing arguments held in the FTC’s antitrust action against major dental suppliers”), both the FTC and at least one of the dental supply companies use the term "oligopoly." As you may recall from your ... [continue reading]
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