Ohio Dental Association Applauds Passage of State Budget Bill

The Ohio Dental Association commended the Ohio House of Representatives for passage of the state operating budget for fiscal years 2024-25 (House Bill 33).

ODA Executive Director David Owsiany said, “we appreciate the work of the Ohio House of Representatives in passing a state budget that for the first time in more than 20 years includes an increase in Medicaid reimbursements for all dental services.” Owsiany pointed out that “raising Medicaid reimbursements to closer to private dental insurance will allow more dentists to treat Medicaid patients and allow existing Medicaid providers to treat more Medicaid recipients. Most importantly, this will mean Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens will have better access to dental care and improved oral health and overall health.”

ODA Vice-President Dr. Hal Jeter, who is a general dentist in South Point, said “because of the extremely low reimbursements, I had to make the heart wrenching decision a few years ago to cut back on the number of Medicaid patients I treat. I didn’t want to, but it was a matter of survival. Reimbursements in many cases do not even cover my overhead costs. I am so appreciative of the actions the Ohio House of Representatives has taken to remedy this dire situation. It will make a huge difference in my community and underserved populations across the state.”

The Ohio Dental Association represents more than 5,000 member dentists, nearly 70% of the state’s licensed dentists. ODA member dentists provide more than $40 million in donated care and services annually, and they are bound by the highest ethical standards and have access to superior ongoing education, training and resources.