ODA membership provides value to dentists across Ohio

The ODA has something valuable to offer every dentist in Ohio – from information to advocacy to products and services to community involvement opportunities. Not only will membership in the ODA enrich your practice, it can also save you money.

Throughout this issue of the “ODA Today,” look for input from member dentists about the value of membership. Dentists of all ages, specialties and from across the state receive something valuable from their membership in the ODA.

The ODA has been informing, representing and serving dentists in Ohio since 1866. Continue reading below for information about how the ODA enriches members’ lives and saves them money.

The Value of Membership: Advocacy efforts help prevent unnecessary government regulation

ODA members consistently rate advocacy as one of the top member benefits, and the ODA’s advocacy team has a strong history of success in protecting dentists from unnecessary government regulations.

The ODA’s advocacy team gains strength from the number of dentists who are members in the ODA. Legislators know that more than 7 out of 10 dentists in Ohio are members of the ODA, and that puts weight behind the advocacy team’s efforts.

One major issue that the ODA currently is working on is House Bill 159, legislation that was recently introduced to prevent insurance companies from setting fees for services they do not cover. The ODA needs the strength and support of all dentists in Ohio in order to get this legislation passed into law.

The ODA tracks legislation throughout the year, and was able to save dentists an estimated $2,900 in recent years by helping to stop several initiatives that would have created new fees and taxes for dentists.

For more information on the ODA’s advocacy efforts, visit https://www.oda.org/advocacy/.

The Value of Membership: Receiving information about issues affecting dental practices in Ohio

Do you ever wonder if there are any new regulations affecting dentistry? Do you question how Ohio’s proposed budget might affect dentists? And what about the Affordable Care Act and dentistry? The ODA is your best resource for all of this information.

The “ODA Today;” “NewsBytes,” the ODA’s e-newsletter; and the ODA’s website, www.oda.org, provide dentists with information that can’t be found anywhere else. From laws and regulations affecting dentistry to practice management resources and insurance information, the ODA’s publications make sure dentists have all the information they need to practice successfully.

On top of these publications, ODA staff is also available to answer members’ questions. From legal questions to insurance issues to regulatory compliance, the ODA has the answers.

The Value of Membership: Products and services save dentists money

The Ohio Dental Association Services Corp. (ODASC) saves ODA members money through discounted products and services. For many dentists, the savings earned more than covers the cost of dues. ODASC-endorsed products have also been researched to ensure they are the best available. For information about these savings, see the article “ODA members can save by purchasing ODASC-endorsed products.”

The ODA also offers a contract analysis service through the American Dental Association. This free service could cost up to $500 if provided by a personal attorney. For more information on this service, see the article “Do you know what you agreed to? Sometimes not!”

The Value of Membership: Improving access to care through community involvement

The ODA has several ways for members to get involved in their communities, including:

  • Give Kids A Smile, where dentists provide free care to children in need.
  • Dental OPTIONS, where dentists provide care to low-income, uninsured individuals.
  • ODA Foundation, where donations go toward providing scholarships to dental students and grants to programs throughout Ohio.
  • Smiles for Seniors, a program that promotes oral health care of older adults through education.
  • Operation TACTIC, an educational program to prevent the use of tobacco.

The Value of Membership: Continuing Education at a reasonable price

Members receive a $275 discount on registration for the ODA Annual Session. After registering, dentists and their staff members have a variety of CE opportunities to choose from. Nationally known speakers will teach on various topics to help improve practices and fulfill the CE requirement for dental licensure renewal. For more information on Annual Session, visit https://www.oda.org/news-and-events/annual-session/.

The Value of Membership: Peer review offers an alternative dispute resolution process

Peer review offers a non-threatening opportunity for dentists and patients to resolve disputes when they cannot do so on their own, and it is a productive alternative to the court system or any other process.

When cases are submitted to the local dental society for peer review, volunteer dentists make a decision in the mediation and clinical exam. Peer review is not a disciplinary body and does not have the authority or inclination to issue fines, take action against a dentist’s license or make public its findings. The only thing peer review can do is to find that a refund is in order or that any balance that is still outstanding be waived.

Peer review only handles complaints involving work that is less than one year old and that involves quality of care or appropriateness of dental treatment.

For more information on peer review, call the ODA at (800) 282-1526.

The Value of Membership: You!

Every ODA member adds value to the ODA and strengthens the organization. Membership allows you to drive, shape and influence the profession of dentistry and invest in your own future.

One of the best ways to learn more about organized dentistry and get involved is to attend a local meeting. Dr. Kim Gardner, president of the ODA, would like to personally invite you to become a member. For more information, see his column, “Now is the time.”

For information on the ODA or to become a member, call (800) 282-1526.