‘ODA LIVE’ theme of 2014 ODA Annual Session

Some things are best experienced LIVE. There is an excitement witnessing a live event. Even when scripted, you are never certain what will happen. The audience helps to shape and define the performance. No two performances are ever the same. Hockey is much more exciting live, sitting on the ice watching the players crash into the glass. Attending an Ohio State football game and watching the band march down the field is an experience never forgotten. Nothing beats the experience of a live Broadway show. And yes, “Live from New York, this is Saturday Night Live” has kept us up late on Saturday night for over 30 years.

Experiencing continuing education live is no different. Speakers often fine tune their presentations to respond to the interest of the attendees. A question asked by someone may spark discussion of new topics not a part of the original program. Lectures may include new research awaiting publication. Not only do you learn skills from the speaker, you learn ways of thinking. Being in a room with colleagues helps you to focus on the program without distractions.

The 2014 ODA Annual Session – “ODA LIVE” – will be Sept. 11-14 in Columbus.

Dr. Gordon Christensen will kick off the 2014 Annual Session as a featured speaker on the first day of this year’s Annual Session. A perennial favorite, Christensen has spoken before more audiences than any other dentist in the country. His practical approach to faster, easier and more profitable dentistry resonates well with dentists in Ohio. Be sure to block out Thursday, Sept. 11 to hear this legendary speaker.

Dr. Howard Glazer will also be returning to Ohio. He is a past-president of the Academy of General Dentistry and writes a monthly column in “AGD Impact” magazine about “What’s Hot and Getting Hotter.” He will discuss many up-and-coming products that can improve treatment and make it easier. Glazer’s presentation will be on Friday, Sept. 12.

Dr. Ron Jackson will again be presenting a full day lecture. A leader at the forefront of restorative dentistry, Jackson has been instrumental in the development of numerous new products. Come see this renowned educator on Friday, Sept. 12.

There will be more than 30 other speakers at this year’s meeting offering something for everyone. There are speakers for established dentists, for younger dentists and for dentists wishing to enhance their knowledge in the specialty areas. There is a speaker Thursday through Sunday for hygienists, for front desk managers, for assistants and for expanded function dental assistants. Hands-on workshops and selected free lecture courses are offered throughout the four days of the convention. Many of those programs are appropriate for the entire office.

Special live events are also a vital part of Annual Session. New dentists’ receptions, university gatherings, academy and society meetings are held throughout the meeting. Parties for all are enjoyed at night. The convention area and Short North have become a live area as well. Great restaurants and watering holes with live music can entertain late into the night. New hotels give alternatives to match your style.

Come be part of the center stage of dentistry in Ohio at this year’s “ODA LIVE” Sept. 11-14 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.